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Alcohol Vaporizer

Alcohol Vaporizer .. Novelty or Dangerous?

Alcohol Vaporizers are a kind of vaporizers which enables its user to intake alcohol in form of vapor without requiring to actually drinking it.

These are small tools which use oxygen generator to vaporize alcohol which when inhaled enters your blood stream through your lungs.

These are also commonly known as the 'AWOL' Machine i.e. the alcohol without liquid machine.

These are designed with a view to allow people to enjoy the effects of alcohol mixed with oxygen. There is a diffuser capsule sort of thing in the machine in which the user loads his or her favorite spirit.

Then the oxygen bubbles are passed through the capsule which absorbs the alcohol before being inhaled through the tube. The attached device converts liquid alcohol into vapor and the resultant cloudy alcohol vapor is inhaled through the end of the tube by the user.

Since you do not need to drink alcohol in liquid form, one can inhale a large amount of alcohol in a shorter period of time.

People who want to get intoxicated with the effects of alcohol but do not want to intake the calories associated with the actual liquid alcohol uses these alcohol vaporizers to quench their need.

This vapor alcohol is also free from carbohydrates which is found in liquid alcohol and is detrimental to your body system. These alcohol vaporizers also do not give any hangovers to its users.

Alcohol vaporizers are banned and outlawed in few states raising question mark on its safety and legitimacy of the machine.

Actually the effect of this vapor alcohol is very potent. It makes one feel the effects of intoxication with half a shot's amount of alcohol inhaled over a period of 20 minutes.

Inhaling more than two shots of alcohol can be termed as dangerous seeing its effect and potency. As more alcohol can be intake very fast with the help of these machines, there is always a chance of excessive alcohol intake for the users of these vaporizers.

A great disadvantage associated with this machine user is that their level of intoxication can not be measured with the help of a breath analyzer like we do in case of liquid alcohol drinkers.

This suggests that vapor alcohol does not properly ingest into the blood and this can make the effect more intoxicating.

However the controversies with regard to its use and legitimacy have helped these vaporizers gain in sales.

These issues raise anxiety amongst users and they find ways to have a look at and use the machine. With its small portable size this tool is becoming popular amongst youngsters and it gives them a chance to intake alcohol without getting noticed by their elders.

It is becoming more and more popular in parties and the alcohol vaporizer is also being called as the 'ultimate party toy'.

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