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Homemade Vaporizer, How to make a homemade Vaporizer | Got Vape

Homemade Vaporizer In Action

Vaporizers are instruments which are used to extract essence from natural perennials, tobacco etc. in the form of vapor by heating them in a healthy way.

Vaporizers also act as a substitute for smoking through which the smokers extract tobacco without burning it so that they don't have to inhale the dangerous smoke and damage their lungs.

There are so many types of vaporizers available in the market but Homemade vaporizers, as the very name suggests, are the vaporizers which can be made at home.

Making these vaporizers no special technology or tools are required and the input material is also found very easily in the home.

In earlier days Homemade vaporizers were made using the old technology of combusting the plant or perennials in order to extract vapors from them. Homemade vaporizers can be made using so many things at home such as rubber tubes, old bottles, any Receptacle sort of item etc. but most commonly used home gadget for making a vaporizer is a bulb.

Lately, there has been an increase in the trend of using regular electric bulbs for making a vaporizer. Any used or fused bulb can be used to make this vaporizer and as such this comes without any cost and is easily available.

The procedure for making this home made vaporizer is also very easy.

For making this, a 100 watt or bigger size bulb can be used. The lower black portion of the bulb is cut and the filament is removed from the bulb by breaking the inside glass.

If there is any coating inside the bulb then it is advisable to put some salt inside the bulb and shake around so as to remove the coating.

A tube is then added to the bottom of the bulb before vaporizing any substance. The substance to be vaporized is then place inside the bulb which is then heated with the help of a lighter or a candle.

As and when the glass of the bulb gets heated and the heat is transmitted to the substance inside it. Upon getting enough heat it starts vaporizing and the user can inhale it with the help of the tube or Receptacle.

Since the glass of the bulb is very thin it does n`ot take much time before it is heated and vaporization starts. Likewise, Glass bottles or plastic bottles or kitchen rolls can also be used for making Homemade vaporizers.

A major drawback of this home made vaporizer is that if the bulb is not properly cleaned then there is a chance of inhaling small fragments of glass with the vapor.

Like wise the rubber tube vaporizers may also cause health hazards by deposition of smoke particles inside the tube. So it is advisable to change the rubber tube frequently. does not endorse these Homemade vaporizers whatsoever, we suggest you do not bother making this as some of the element you inhale could be harmful to your health.

Please try one of the vaporizers we offer here at as opposed to trying to make your own Homemade Vaporizer.

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