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Shelly Ink Hot Box Vaporizer

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Shelly Ink Hot Box Vaporizer Instructions


The heat source in this unit is VERY HOT. DO NOT touch the heat source or tip of the glass Wand. The Shelly Ink Hot Box Vaporizer must be kept away from combustible materials, including but not limited to paper, plastic, and fabric. DO NOT place your Shelly Ink Hot Box Vaporizer where it can be tipped over or fall. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS. The Shelly Ink Hot Box Vaporizer should be operated under careful supervision at all times.

This device is for LEGAL USE ONLY. Many botanicals contain compounds which may, "when vaporized", cause undesirable effects. Be aware of the effects of blend and aromatherapy blends being vaporized. Once blend have been vaporized, dispose of used material safely.

The Shelly Ink Hot Box Vaporizer does get hot. DO NOT pick up the unit once turned on; your first reaction to the heat will be to drop the unit causing it to damage. Place the Shelly Ink Hot Box Vaporizer on a hard, level surface. AVOID PLACING ON RUGS, COUCHES, BEDS AND/OR OTHER SOFT SURFACES WHICH MAY CAUSE TIPPING.

To protect against risk of electrical shock, do not immerse cord, plug, or the Shelly Ink Hot Box Vaporizer in water and/or other moist environments. DO NOT use your Shelly Ink Hot Box Vaporizer if cord or plug is damaged.

Protect your Shelly Ink Hot Box Vaporizer glass pieces from breakage. DO NOT tap the glass on hard surfaces. When using the aromatherapy attachment be careful not to spill hot minerals when removing from unit. minerals can stain and burn.

If any damage occurs to your Shelly Ink Hot Box Vaporizer, carefully unplug unit from the wall socket. No user serviceable parts. For repairs, contact at (888) 827-3101 or [email protected].

Each Shelly Ink Hot Box Vaporizer is Hand Made in Orange County, CA. U.S. Patent# 6,761,164


Read the following instructions in order to maximize your Shelly Ink Hot Box Vaporizer experience:

  1. Plug Shelly Ink Hot Box Vaporizer into socket and turn unit on using switch located on cord. Indicator lamp will illuminate.

  2. Allow Shelly Ink Hot Box Vaporizer 15 minutes to reach optimal temperature. Use of extension cords may require additional time. Be careful when using extension cords. Arrange so cord will not drape over countertop or tabletop where it can be tripped over accidentally or pulled on by children or pets.

  3. Finely cut or grind blend for best vapor results.

  4. Place blend into Wand and pack down onto screen thru narrow end of Upper Wand piece with either the end of the tubing or other utensil that will easily fit into the open end of the Wand. Refer to colored indicator mark on Wand as guideline. DO NOT fill Wand more than 1/3 of the way up from the screen. Doing so may cause charring or burning of the material. Excessive packing is a waste of material.

  5. When ready to use, hold Wand against the tip of the glass heating element and begin to inhale through tube. The Wand does not slide over glass heating element. DO NOT use excessive pressure when making the connection or glass may break. DO NOT USE BROKEN GLASSWARE. Vaporizing properly takes some practice. You will need to adjust your inhaling rate to learn what works best for you. Moderately paced, smooth draws work best. The slower you draw, the higher the temperature of the air passing through the material in the Wand.

  6. If used properly you will not see anything passing through the tube as you inhale. Be careful of drawing too much vapor as this may cause excessive coughing. You will know the device is working properly if you exhale a white vapor cloud. CLEAN AND PURE!! Mix the blend in the Wand between each draw. You will get 2-6 draws per fill depending on amount used and moisture level of the blend. It is recommended that you add a drop or two of water to dry blend. Proper use should result in intense flavor and lack of smell.

Shelly Ink Hot Box Vaporizer Instructions Aromatherapy Instructions

  1. Slide aromatherapy attachment over glass heat element (If piece doesn't fit properly, return either to store it was purchased from or mail to Hot Box Vapors for replacement).

  2. Fill the Mineral chamber 1/3 full with the Minerals of your choice thru the hole near the base of the handle of the aromatherapy attachment. Do not fill chamber too full. Replace Minerals frequently for best results.

  3. Clean Mineral chamber between uses with cotton swab.

Shelly Ink Hot Box Vaporizer Instructions Maintenance Instructions

Main Unit: inspect the power cord occasionally to make sure it is not damaged.
Screen: Replace 5/8" screen in Wand as often as necessary. This will vary depending on usage.

To remove the screen:

  1. Pull the Upper piece of the Wand apart from the Lower piece.

  2. From the top, push the screen out of the Upper piece of the Wand

  3. Place new 5/8" screen in through bottom opening of the Upper piece of Wand.

  4. Roll black O-Ring onto upper portion of the Lower piece of the Wand. (O-Ring placement depends on how tight the pieces fit together). Connect the Lower & Upper Wand pieces.

  5. Remove Screen.

  6. Replace Screen.

Tubing: Replace tubing every 2-3 months depending on usage. You can clean it out by running it under hot water and using a skewer to scrape out the inner wall.

Wand: It is recommended that you clean the glass Wand when the interior becomes brown from usage. Pull Wand apart and scrape out bottom piece with a skewer or other tool. If material is difficult to remove run glass under hot water to loosen.

Shelly Ink Hot Box Vaporizer

Our Price: $199.99
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Product Overview

  • Hands Free Vapor Wand (whip)
  • Ceramic Nichrome Heating Coil
  • Free Aromatherapy Bulb / Diffuser
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Product Info

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Shelly Ink Hot Box Vaporizer Includes:

  • 1 pc. Shelly Ink Hot Box Vaporizer
  • 2 pc Vapor Whip
  • 1 pc. Custom Glass Tipped Pick
  • 2 pc. 5/8" Vapor Whip Replacement Screen
  • 1 pc. Operational Manual

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