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How to Make a Vaporizer

How to Make a Vaporizer a Good Starting Place

A vaporizer is a device which is generally used to release active components of a perennial or plant material. It is generally used for many blends, but can also be used for tobacco or to release certain beneficial components of perennials or other plants.

Vaporization is also being considered as an alternative to smoking in medical field. Instead of burning the blend, it is heated to a temperature of more than 200 degrees Celsius and the active components present melt and turn themselves into vapor form which is aromatic in nature and does not have any particulate matter.

This vapor is inhaled in most cases but can also be conditioned into moisture or can be ice cooled. Harmful effects of smoke and other toxins is highly reduced and virtually eliminated.

These are instructions on how to make a vaporizer , all you would need is a soldering iron, small quantity of wood and a 2 liter bottle of made of plastic.

    How to Make a Vaporizer Detailed Steps
  1. First you need to cut your plywood into a triangle with each side being 8 inches.
  2. Then stain and varnish the wood (optional).
  3. Next, choose a side of the flat triangle and mark the exact centre on top and bottom.
  4. A drill bit size is chosen so that the hole created by drill can be penetrated by soldering iron handle and drill with this size and have the rim on the top.
  5. Now turn the triangular piece and 3 spots should be marked at 1 cm from the each vertex. Through each of these at an angle of 15 degree, drilling should be done.
  6. The intended middle part of the plastic bottle should be cut out.
  7. The black piece is placed over the hole in the middle of wooden triangle and two nails are pierced through the wood.
  8. Hot Glue or Silicon sealant is used around the bottom of the black piece and any cracks are filled using it.
  9. A dowel is placed in each of these holes and is set with gentle tap from hammer.
  10. The bottom of 2 liter bottle is cut and a hole big enough to go into the black piece is cut.
  11. Now, all you need to do is to fashion a bowl and you will be ready.
  12. Construction of bowl depends on the soldering iron that you employ. If you use an expensive iron which has tip screws on, making the bowl becomes very easy.
  13. Around the threads is where the tip should go, wrap the tin foil and make a small bowl of about half inch diameter.
  14. Another way is to buy a metal thimble of size 9 and make hole on top of it. Work the hole till you can put threads of soldering iron in it.

These instructions were for making a conduction vaporizer which does not have same advantages as that of convection vaporizers. Convection vaporizers are harder to make and are more expensive.

How to make a vaporizer is also not a meant as substitution to a real vaporizer, more just to get you use to the idea and benefits of vaporization.

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