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PALM Vaporizer

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PALM Vaporizer Reviews

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Date: 08/07/2012
I have been searching for a portable Vaporizer to accompany my Hot Box that I use at home; I was about to pull the trigger on a Magic Flight, but thankfully I chose the Palm.

I really like how the heating chamber & battery are under the unit, making pressing in the battery very simple. It only takes around 5 seconds for the Palm to produce a good Vapor. The flavored mouthpiece is a great feature as well.

I also am a big fan of the replaceable screens because I know it is going to be very easy to keep my Palm clean.

Did I mention the price? At $110 this Vaporizer provides me with effectiveness without breaking the bank.
Reviewed by: Gerald Green

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What's Great About it:

Silent, Affordable

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Date: 09/08/2012
I was very excited to get my palm Vaporizer, and I will say it works quite well. However, upon opening the package, I was supremely disappointed to discover it not only came with one screen, but only one pipe cleaner as well. ONE tiny little pipe cleaner. And Got Vape recommends you clean the Palm Vaporizer after every use. So upon opening the box, I realized I had to BUY more things before I could even begin use. And the replacements screens are quite pricy!
Reviewed by: Maconheiro

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What's Great About it:

Easy to use and works quite well.

What's Not so Great:

It doesn't come with replacement screens or pipe cleaners.

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Date: 08/14/2012
The Palm vaporizer is a highly portable/concealable device made with durable components(polycarb.,glass,ceramics). I have a Vapir one 5.0 digital forced air vape that works pretty well other than leaking vapor(for the price) that dosen't bother me. Taking a cross country trip and needing a portable vape, I came across the new Palm, so new in fact, there were just a few reviews. After understanding how it worked, I said what the heck lets try it...
I received it yesterday(08/13) and immediately charged the batteries. Once both batteries were charged, in hrs, I added a small amount of dried blend and inserted the battery. A small light is visible when the battery makes contact with the metal rod inside the housing...almost instantaneous (5sec) you will notice vapor beginning to build...draw it in and note VERY IMPORTANT that YOU MUST REMOVE BATTERY BETWEEN DRAWS. IF YOUR Blend IS TOO DRY, AFTER A FEW DRAWS, IT WILL IGNITE!!!
I'll call that a learning curve.
Also, not to jazzed with the life of the was my understanding that the each battery had 30min of continuous use, I have found that each battery lasts maybe 15-25 min. Other than those issues, its a simple device that provides the user the ability to enjoy vapor anywhere, stealth-fully.
If on a budget, I would recommend it, otherwise, I would spend more for something that has more temp. control.
It came with a two rechargeable batteries(w/rubbger caps), wall charger, pipe-cleaner, small bristled brush, 1 flavor tip and 1 unflavored tip, grinder, and velvet pouch to carry everything.
Reviewed by: caruck

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What's Great About it:

Portable, easy to clean, durable components, good if on a budget ($100)

What's Not so Great:

Short battery life, will ignite herb if battery is not removed between draws

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Date: 08/21/2012
I recently bought this at hempfest, and am very impressed by how effective it is. It uses much less, is much less smelly, cleans more easily and is very discreet. The only problems I had were a defective screen, and the fact that your blend can ignite if you aren't careful (easy to prevent this, though), when I called about the screen, they took my number and said they would call me to fix it. If they follow through, I will have nothing but nice things to say about this company. In person,at hempfest, they were professional, courteous and informative.
The palm is great. Really. It can also take a couple bumps without damage. Perfect for the single Mum/student/worker. Do give this a try! :)
Reviewed by: cjmum

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What's Great About it:

Ease of use, uses less, discreet.

What's Not so Great:

Screen defective with no current replacement.

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Date: 11/21/2013
I've been using traditional methods for years but my friend suggested that I switch to a vaporizer for a healthier lifestyle. I went online and found this product and added it to my cart. I was clueless on how to use this thing but it was simple to use and takes a decent amount of blend.
Reviewed by: Nady

I Would Recommend This Product to a Friend

What's Great About it:

Easy to Use

What's Not so Great:

Battery life

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Date: 06/13/2013
Well I had this for three days before it just stopped working :/ I have had many vaporizers, enjoy taking excellent care of them, and was good to my little palm but she let me down. It ripped great for the first three days though (hence three stars) and based on other reviews I'd say this was more bad luck than bad product. Think ill try the new version next time, but for now my MFLB is just unbeatable for a portable vape. The body needs a little work to before it gets any thumbs up, a little messy on the plastic mold- excess plastic where it was injected into the molding
Reviewed by: Rogoet8581

I Would Not Recommend This Product to a Friend

What's Great About it:


What's Not so Great:

Quality/ craftsmanship

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PALM Vaporizer

Our Price: $41.00
absolutely best price in US
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Product Overview

  • Made in the USA
  • 1 Hours of Continuous Vaporization
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • 1 Year Warranty

Product Info


For a limited time take advantage of the PALM Vaporizer Combo that comes complete with:

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PALM Vaporizer Includes:

  • 1 pc. PALM Vaporizer
  • 2 pc. Batteries
  • 2 pc. Mouthpiece Tips
  • 1 pc. PALM Vaporizer Charger
  • 1 pc. PALM Vaporizer Instruction Manual

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