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001 by Barcode E-Liquid will amaze you as the sweet all-natural flavors titillate your senses and make you feel like you are experiencing an epic party in your mouth. Barcode is the first brand to use all-natural fruit flavors to create the perfect natural blend. 


Product Description

The mixers start with everyone's favorite summertime treat: fresh juicy watermelon from the vine. You will be reminded of fun picnics in the warm sunshine. Next, they mix in the flavor of the finest hand-picked organic strawberries. The savory combination of sweet strawberry and succulent watermelon will send you to vaping nirvana. Finally, the mixers swirl in a sweet mystery flavor. We do not know precisely what the flavor is, of course, but it makes the vapor taste like taffy or candy of some sort. You will enjoy this premium vapor all day long. Plus, each bottle of 001 now comes with a handy carrying case.

The e-juice has a light pink tint that is appealing visually. Although the juice is thick it is not too VG heavy, making it great for tanks or dripping. The first vape will be very juicy with a great consistency and a good balance of the strawberry and watermelon. The watermelon is dominant on the front end, while the strawberry and mystery flavor are dominant on the back end. The flavor is not too sweet, so it is just right for all day vaping. 

Barcode has only the highest standards when it comes to the quality of its vapors. 001 is made in small batches to intensify the flavor. All of the fruit flavors are extracted from organically grown fruit. The fruit is meticulously watched over and carefully grown on a family-owned farm in California. Vapers can rejoice that the vapor is made the finest all-natural ingredients. Each batch is steeped for at least a month. The Barcode process ensures the truest and most consistent flavors. In addition, all of the e-liquid is filtered several times to ensure the highest level of cleanliness. 

Try 001 by Barcode today, and enjoy your free carrying case. Barcode believes in value and innovation. All of the e-liquid is carefully produced, mixed, wrapped, bottled and labeled. The blend tastes great because it is made from natural organic fruit. The juice has a thick consistency and is just right for use with tanks and drips. Be transported to a simpler time and place with this candy-flavored vapor. The savory combination of juicy watermelon, succulent strawberry and a sweet mystery flavor is delicious and will always leave you craving more. Because the flavor is not too sweet or heavy, you can use this exceptional vapor all day long without growing tired of it. Try 001 by Barcode today, and you will find your new favorite vape.

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