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100 Grand by Gemini E-Liquid is one of those flavors that pairs well with a good drink. It has a robust flavor that you're sure to love and appreciate. With hints of cinnamon and cream, you'll think you're indulging yourself in a sugary cereal each time you vape. The cinnamon flavor is subdued somewhat by hints of cream, but you won't have a problem enjoying this flavor as you relax and unwind.


Product Description

It's a flavor for those who like things a little bit spicy, and unlike many other vaping e-liquids, the taste remains for a few moments after each plume of smoke is exhaled. This is a mouth-watering flavor that you'll likely end up keeping around for special occasions. 100 Grand by Gemini E-Liquid is a solid flavor that tastes genuine, and it won't leave an unpleasant aftertaste.

The aroma of 100 Grand by Gemini E-Liquid is reminiscent of sugar cookies and snickerdoodle. As the cloud of smoke wafts from your vape session, you'll be able to catch hints of sugar, cream and refreshing cinnamon. A hint of vanilla seems to linger as well, but the scent quickly dissipates with each cloud of smoke. This e-liquid is capable of producing large plumes of smoke, which makes for an extremely satisfying and enjoyable vaping session. You'll love the aroma that is produced by this mix as it leaves you with a vortex of cinnamon, grain and sweet cream. The aroma of 100 Grand by Gemini E-Liquid will literally make your mouth water, and it's suggested you have your favorite cool beverage nearby to make sure you're enjoying your session to the fullest.

Cinnamon is one of those flavors that infuses the body and mind with energy and the motivation to get things done. It's also capable of promoting a relaxed body and mind, and the nose-tingling aroma will have you enthused. 100 Grand by Gemini E-Liquid, or Hundred Grand as it's sometimes called, will have you feeling rich and smooth as you attempt to tackle the day and go about your business. The flavor serves as an enjoyable dessert flavor that is both spicy and sweet. You'll love every second of your vaping session with the highly targeted liquid that is designed to help you feel better about yourself and lift your spirits.

When it comes to mixing 100 Grand by Gemini E-Liquid with other flavors, you'll find that a few different flavors work best. Consider adding some vanilla to help take some of the spice off the flavoring and to give it a smoother texture. You may also consider adding some chocolate or apple for a more decadent experience. The cinnamon flavor is potent, but it's not overbearing. This makes it possible for you to mix the flavoring with several different e-liquids. The moment you open the bottle, you'll be able to smell the aroma. However, the product is much creamier and sweeter during an actual vaping session. Another good mixture is to try adding the cinnamon to a mint-flavored e-liquid or an e-liquid designed to taste like a baked good.

It's typically possible to purchase this e-liquid in four different nicotine concentration levels. Choose from 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12 mg. Each concentration can be adjusted by mixing a stronger one with a weaker one. This helps you to get the right amount of nicotine for your purposes and mood. Sometimes, you'll want a higher dosage for those leisurely weekends or more stressful days when you just need a little something extra. Purchasing more than one bottle of 100 Grand by Gemini E-Liquid is a good way to ensure that you have the right concentration at all times.

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