2 pc Ground Glass Vapor Whip 18mm


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  • Hands Free Operation w/ Glass Joints

  • Fits most Ground Glass Vaporizers

  • 2 piece 18.5mm Quick Change Screen

  • Works with Aroma Classic


Product Description

Something that has always been a hassle is changing the screens on a Vapor Whip. Since the 18mm Ground Glass Vapor Whip is the most popular, we decided to make like easier for all those that use it. Introducing a 2 pc Ground Glass Vapor Whip featuring a quick change screen, now changing your screen takes seconds. It’s as easy as unscrewing the top and inserting a new .625 replacement screen.

The Ground Glass Vapor Whip also known as a scientific glass, a glass on glass whip, or a hands free kit. Whatever the name the Ground Glass Vapor Whip is designed to fit 18mm ground glass joint. The 18mm glass on glass joint is pretty much standard for vaporizers that use this system on the market today. The Ground Glass Vapor Whip is compatible or works with the Easy Vape Digital, VaporWarez VaporCannon, the VaporDoc Vaporizer, the Pure Vaporizer, and the Vapor King Vaporizer. So if you're looking to replace your Ground Glass Vapor Whip for any of these vaporizers, Got Vape now offers it .

The Ground Glass Vapor Whip is produced here in America, by one of the most prestigious glass blowing companies in the business. Adhering to very strict quality assurance guidelines, every piece is checked and rechecked to enhance your vaporizing pleasure.

Hot element: draw fast to avoid burning the aromatherapy, as the element cools you can slow your draw.
Slow element: draw slow to create the vapor, however if you draw to slow on a hot element you will burn the aromatherapy and create -sk-.

Experiment with different temperatures and draw speeds and within a few trials you will find the one that fits you best.

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    Spend the extra money on the Vapor Tower Whip

    I've owned a Vapor Tower for years & I went with this one due to a cheaper price, I should have just spent the money I get the VT Whip because this one broke in under three months.It was good when it worked, but I learned to just stick with the brand name.

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