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7th Floor Vaporizers

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7th Floor Vapes

7th Floor Vaporizers is one of the leading manufacturers of vaporizers today. Founded on the idea that customer satisfaction is more important than anything else, the men and women behind this company encourage shoppers to provide feedback after using one of its vaporizers. The company also believes in creating vaporizers that anyone can use and vaporizers that have a simple design. Once you take a look at some of the models that this company makes, you'll find that you can buy one, take it out of the box and start using it almost right away. The biggest decision you need to make is whether to buy a desktop or handheld model.

Desktop vaporizers are larger in size and designed for home use. Some examples of the models available include the Super Surfer, Da Buddha and Silver Surfer. These devices feature a heating element or chamber inside that brings your liquid to the perfect temperature. A small device near the base lets you put your lips on the vaporizer and inhale to bring the vapor into your mouth and lungs. These larger models come in a number of designs and styles to fit the decor of your home and to let you show off your personality.

Vape with Personality

The problem with desktop vaporizers is that these devices are nearly impossible to use while away from home. Unless you have a large bag or a big suitcase to carry one, you should leave your model at home. Even if you do take one with you, you need to worry about wrapping and packaging it properly to keep the vaporizer safe and secure. A better solution is one of the handheld vaporizers that 7th Floor Vaporizers also makes.

A Unique Vape by Sidekick Vaporizer

One of its best models is the Sidekick. Available in multiple colors like red, black, silver and gold, it has an almost futuristic design. A ceramic heating chamber has enough space for just the right amount of essentials for just you or enough to share, and that ceramic chamber won't interfere with the full flavor of those essentials. Professional glass blowers working for the company makes each mouthpiece by hand, which gives each vaporizer a slightly unique look. That mouthpiece fits all shapes and sizes of mouths comfortably. You'll also love the digital controls on the front that help you cycle through each of the settings to make the vaporizer work perfectly for you and its ergonomic design that reduces stress on your hand.

Life Saber by 7th Floor Vaporizers

Another option that also comes in some fun colors is the Life Saber. Named for the weapons used in the “Star Wars,” series, these vaporizers might just bring out your inner kid. Though smaller than desktop models, this one is a little taller than you might expect and is better for small groups. It also comes with its own electric cord that you can plug into an outlet to use the vaporizer without keeping batteries around your house. The Life Saber even has its own filtration system that filters out harder objects and debris from liquids.

7th Floor Starter Kits

7th Floor Vaporizers also makes starter kits that you can buy here at Got Vape that come with everything you need to vape your heart away. Some packages come with two vaporizers in matching or complementary couples that let you and your partner or spouse vape together. Other kits come with the cords that you need for charging your batteries at home or away from home and a carrying case that has spaces for storing your vaporizer, extra batteries, cords and any other accessories you need. Shop for products from 7th Floor Vaporizers from Got Vape today.