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9 South Vapes

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9 South Vapes E-Juice

9 South Vapes is a world-renowned producer of some of the most popular e-liquids available in the personal aromatherapy industry. They are well-known throughout the industry for several of their more creative flavors, including Cereal Killa, Super Nova, and Toasted. You might recognize some of these flavors if you are a serious vaping enthusiast, and if you don't recognize them, you should certainly try them to experience their unique flavor profiles for yourself.

One of their staple flavors, and one that hasn't been matched since it was first released, is their Cereal Killa. It has a distinct milky, creamy taste that blends perfectly with the fruit cereal flavor on the back end. This blend has been called the original breakfast vaping juice, and it continues to sell out wherever it is sold. If you're the type who enjoys pouring a bowl of Fruit Loops in the morning, you'll absolutely love Cereal Killa.

Another of 9 South Vapes more popular flavors is their Toasted variety. Toasted is meant to create an experience similar to cinnamon french toast, and it does so exceptionally well thanks to the cinnamon overtones finished with creamy maple syrup. This blend is yet another of their products that follows the breakfast vaping trend, and it provides a medium-bodied tingle to the throat. It's perfect for all day vaping or simply reminding yourself how delicious fresh french toast can be.

Super Nova is a name that many will probably recognize. It was brought out of retirement to meet the demands of customers who just can't live without the subtle yet intricate depth of flavor from this e-liquid. The flavor starts off with a unique vanilla highlight that quickly gives way to a bold WaterBerry that will redefine how you judge your favorite juices. This is a hybrid e-liquid, but it is made with 90 percent vegetable glycerin, so it produces immense clouds of rich, flavorful vapor.

For a milder flavor that offers just as much satisfaction, you might want to consider Silk by 9 South Vapes. Silk is reminiscent of a creamy yet fruity hard candy, and the smooth flavor of luscious strawberries gives way to a heavy cream mixed with light notes of citrus and other tropical fruits. The result is a flavor that is not only supremely delicious, but is as smooth as the fine cloth from which it takes its name.

Check Out Silk E-Liquid

9 South Vapes offers their tasty e-liquids in either 30 or 60 milliliter bottles, and each glass bottle comes with a glass dropper for easily refilling your vaporizer. Not only can you choose the size of your bottle, but you can select from several different nicotine content levels for each flavor. You can select between 0mg, 2mg, 4mg, or 6mg of nicotine content. Most of their premium juices are PG/VG hybrids, but many of them have a 90 percent vegetable glycerin composition. Such a high level of VG means that these liquids are able to be vaporized into extremely dense clouds with full, rich flavor.