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Flavor Intense Alfaliquid

Alfaliquid was one of the first e-liquid brands in Europe and remains the most popular with more than a 50% share of the market. With the expertise of highly-trained flavor artists and skilled production professionals, Alfaliquid creates unique blends in their French facilities, flavors that are as bold and rich as you might expect from a country that encourages an appreciation of life's simple pleasures.

Based in the Lorraine region of France, Alfaliquid is an imprint of Gaiatrend. The company was founded in 2008 by Didier Martzel and is still overseen by his sons, Olivier and Xavier, today. Olivier manages the business while Xavier is tasked with creating the brand's signature e-liquids. Xavier is referred to as a "vapologist" because of his advanced training, training which puts him in a category similar to a professional chef. 

The process of creating designer e-liquids at Alfaliquid begins with months of research and development. This is when Xavier Martzel and his team perfect each recipe. They mix and test their recipes until they are faithful representations of their original inspirations. Next, the brand procures the finest raw materials from the best suppliers in France. Alfaliquid only uses compounds such as vegetable glycol and food grade flavoring in the production of their e-juices, and they eliminate many other chemicals that are sometimes found in products of a lesser quality. 

Alfaliquid has expanded to North America by offering three different collections of their best e-juice. Each individual flavor was chosen for its originality, flavor intensity, and vapor volume. All varieties come in a 30 ml bottle with a dropper, and they are available in nicotine consistences of 0, 3, 6, 11, and 16 mg. Because of their flavor and overall ability to produce lots of vapor, Alfaliquid varieties make a great choice for sub tanks as well as traditional vape pens and other vaporizers.

The Reserve Collection by Alfaliquid

The Reserve Collection By Alfaliquid is a special group of e-liquids chosen as personal favorites of the Martzel family. They include Carnival by Alfaliquid, a fun and invigorating mix of Mardi Gras inspired flavors such as banana, pear, and pineapple. Alpine Menthe by Alfaliquid is so realistic in its presentation of frosted mint and eucalyptus that you'll feel as though you are on a ski slope in the French Alps. Double Pink by Alfaliquid is a whimsical take on an iconic fruit-striped bubble gum that mixes notes of tutti frutti and orange.

The Heritage Collection by Alfaliquid is for those who prefer their e-juices to retain a little bit of tradition and class. Noble Leaf by Alfaliquid highlights this collection. It is inspired by the exquisite tastes of Louis XIV, a monarch known for his propensity to partake of rich delicacies. This e-liquid blends the flavor of Virginia tobacco with notes of chocolate, caramel, and popcorn. Other flavors in this collection include Classic Leaf by Alfaliquid and Winter Leaf by Alfaliquid.

Finally, there is the Harvest Collection by Alfaliquid, a wonderful assortment that brings together and combines the flavors of various fruits from the French countryside. Bartlett Apple by Alfaliquid is a glorious mix of tart apples and sweet pears, while Tropical by Alfaliquid calls on no less than five distinct flavor profiles to create its unique taste. Milk Berry by Alfaliquid completes this collection with the simple taste of ripe strawberries covered by fresh, sweet milk. 

While you are shopping for a designer e-liquid from Alfaliquid, please remember that vaping is something you were meant to enjoy and savor. Taking time out for the simple joys of life is what Alfaliquid is all about, and we encourage you to do that.