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With the exception of those with a nut allergy, there is something about almonds that people just love. Whether it's a small handful that you toss in your mouth to get some energy in the middle of the day, or those delightful desserts with roasted almonds that you get from your favorite restaurant, you just can't stop popping these little nuts.


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Thanks to the talented minds over at Good Vapor Co., you can now enjoy almonds in a whole new way. With the Almond Crunch by Good Vapor Co. E-Liquid, you can now get that flavor that you love with your vaporizer.

Vaping is more than just a hobby for many people today. They view vaping as a lifestyle choice. When you see others vaping on the sidewalk to outside your favorite restaurant, you just can't help stopping to chat. While some people stick to traditional flavors that taste like their favorite brand of tobacco cigarettes or their favorite menthol cigarettes, others love the more unique flavors now available like this one. Once you pour this liquid in your vaporizer and breath in, you'll find yourself instantly transported back to better days.

There was something about that cold ice cream on a hot day that made you want to celebrate. With Almond Crunch by Good Vapor Co., you can enjoy that same flavor any day of the week and even in the middle of winter.

Made to taste just like the Almond Crunch ice cream bars that you got from the ice cream truck, this e-liquid features an image of that ice cream bar right on the front of its label. The first note that you come across is the taste of almonds slowly roasted over a low temperature until those nuts reach the perfect shade of deep and dark brown. You'll then get that slightly sweet and intensely rich flavor of caramel before the ice cream notes reach your tongue. The sweet taste of ice cream made from real vanilla bean will get your taste buds watering right off the bat. Between the ice cream, caramel and almond notes, you may want to grab your vaporizer and head outside instead of sticking around the restaurant for dessert. Anyone who loves almonds and has a sweet tooth will love the Almond Crunch by Good Vapor Co. E-Liquid.

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    Very tasty, sweet. Can taste all 3 flavors-almond, caramel, and vanilla bean.

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