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They tell you how good almond milk is for you. What you don't hear a lot is how deliciously creamy and decadent it tastes. We're not sure why the secret of almond milk has been kept hidden and we don't know why anyone on earth would choose to drink soy milk instead. But the secret is out now. Let the world know about your perfect passion for the nutty nourishment. 


Product Description

When you use this e-liquid it's bound to make you fall in love all over again. If you're an almond milk novice be prepared to fall hard.

You've used almond milk in smoothies, you've used it to bake and you've poured it over cereal and slurped it up. You know exactly why it's called "silk." Now you can use it in your vape with an e-liquid that gives you all the buttery-smooth almond you can handle. This is a milk treat for grownups. It doesn't taste like sugary cereal and it doesn't taste like ice cream. It's almond milk straight with no chaser.

You'll be howling at the moon and howling for more when you get a taste of this e-liquid from Wulf Brew. We know you can't stop at using it just once and you don't have to. As the day rolls on you'll enjoy the delicious almond scent and the faint touch of cream for long relaxing hours. With its clean finish and low-key flavor this is the perfect all-day vape. 

On the inhale, Almond Silk Milk has a strong almond flavor almost reminiscent of nougat. A clean exhale with just a hint of sweetness completes the taste profile. It's a delicate vape that produces a mild-smelling vapor. 

If you like cream-based e-liquids, even if you've never tried almond milk, you will enjoy this. This is a satisfying vape that will appeal to anyone looking for a straightforward flavor unadulterated by fruit, cake or spices. 

Take a dip into Almond Silk Milk. We suspect it will be a while before you want to come up for air. 

Almond Silk Milk is produced by Wulf Brew Premium E-Juices. If you're a vaper you know that Wulf is synonymous with top-quality vaporizers and other vaping accessories. It's only natural that they would create an e-juice to meet their customer's high demands for perfection. When you see the Wulf name you know you're getting a superior product and these e-liquids are no exception.

Almond Silk Milk comes in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine levels.

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