Apple Butter by Liquid State E-Liquid

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If you have ever tasted a bit of apple butter on a piece of toast or bread, then you will be pleased to know that Apple Butter by Liquid State E-Liquid has many of the same flavors. This is a liquid that has a sweet taste, but there are fresh elements as well. You can also detect a hint of cream with the liquid. 


Product Description

Sweet Washington apples are detected as one of the ingredients in the liquid. If you warm the liquid at a lower temperature, then it has a better taste, and you can pick up on the buttery flavors in a better way. It almost makes the liquid taste like an apple pie instead of apple butter. This is a liquid that makes you want to spread it on a piece of bread instead of a using it as a vaping liquid. There are hints of caramel as well when the liquid is heated and smoked. Creamy hints can also be noted as they all combine together to give a delicious warmth of apple butter. Once the liquid is heated, there are hints of cinnamon as well. This is one of the liquids that combines to give various hints of different elements of flavor, such as the spicy notes of the cinnamon and the sweetness of the cream. The apples provide the fresh hints of flavor as well as a bit of tartness as they are Washington apples. 

The liquid usually comes in a 15ml bottle, but you can find bottles of 30ml and 60ml as well. This is a mild liquid that provides more pleasure in tasting instead of being a liquid that is smoked to get the nicotine. It is like an apple pie that you might see on a holiday table. There aren't any overwhelming notes, and you will find that it's pleasing to smell when it's smoked as well. The descriptions that are given by the company for Apple Butter by Liquid State E-Liquid are right on the mark as the liquid is more than what is described. It will remind you of a cool fall day when you smell apples in the air. There are a few notes of vanilla that go along with the cream. However, the butter and apples are prominent, being the flavors that are brought out by the subtle hints of the cream and spices along with the vanilla.

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