Apple Ice Disposable by Helix Bar


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Juicier than a delicious crisp apple, Apple ICE by Helix Bars delivers loads of flavor.


Product Description

Delivering a pool of menthol backed with succulent apple, this disposable is made to be enjoyed then thrown away when done. Each bar utilizes an internal 500mAh battery with 2.3mL capacity of 5% Salt Nic E-Juice.

More on Helix Bars

An incredible fan favorite, Helix Bars are flavorful disposables that allow for awesome sessions without any charging or refilling. One thing different from other devices on the market as a disposable is the ability to simply throw it away after use. With an all in one design each bar is equipped with an internal 500mAh battery powering through 2.3mL of 5% Sat Nic E-Liquid.

Every Helix Bar Disposable Device features an estimated 600 puffs, anti-leak design and activated by inhaling. With all of these features the Helix Bar not only has a higher capacity in battery and e-liquid than its competitors but also features 13 amazing flavors like a delicious summer treat, Watermelon ICE.

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