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Aqua Liquids

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Funfetti E-Juice

Aqua Liquids is a new manufacturer of the very popular Funfetti E-Liquid and is poised to introduce more designer flavors in the near future. Debuting Funfetti in January of 2016, Aqua Liquids has become a rising star in the vaping community for its awareness of what vaping enthusiasts look for in their e-juices and its high standards of production.

Funfetti E-Liquid by Aqua Liquids captures the brand's fun personality. It is based on the flavor of rich yellow cake topped with sweet white frosting. There is also a hint of confetti sprinkles within the cake batter flavor and on top. This e-juice really tastes like the confetti cakes that are so popular at birthday parties and other celebrations. It is hard to vape it without a smile on your face. The team at Aqua Liquids is committed to offering an e-juice that puts more fun into vaping, and they have succeeded with Funfetti. Funfetti E-Liquid comes in sizes of 30 and 120 ml with nicotine strengths of 0, 3, 6, and 12 mg.

The difference with Aqua Liquids begins with the care that defines their manufacturing process. Every aspect of creating Funfetti, from the steeping process in the company's specially designed clean rooms to the sourcing of quality ingredients, is overseen by a team of qualified professionals that have many years of combined experience. Strict quality control methods are employed to make sure that each bottle effectively presents the Funfetti E-Liquid flavor. It is clear that Aqua Liquids is dedicated to building a strong customer base that will return again and again.

Creating a designer flavor that is satisfying without being overpowering isn't an easy process. It takes time and effort for Aqua Liquids to deliver their premium e-juice, and it also takes a willingness to listen to the feedback of customers and constantly refine the product to perfection. Funfetti E-Liquid is destined to become a classic in the vaping community because Aqua Liquids did something that few other e-juice brands do: they focused on creating one flavor to perfection and delivering it at a competitive price before moving on to the creation of other flavors.

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In the world of premium e-liquids a company doesn't just become an overnight success. Years of careful planning and preparation are required as well as an unwavering commitment to excellence. You can taste all of that in every bottle of Funfetti E-Liquid by Aqua Liquids, and we can't wait to see the flavors they come up with next.