Arctic Coils 5 pk by Horizon Tech


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The Arctic Coils 5 pk by Horizon Tech are available in several different varieties, each of which is designed for a specific style of vaping. These coils take advantage of Bottom Turbine Coil technology, and some varieties of these coils also use dual architecture to provide double the vaping potential.


Product Description

The coils are made from versatile stainless steel, organic cotton for the wicks, and Kanthal wire for the internal heating element. The elements are pre-built in a Clapton style, which cuts down on prep time for the user. All of these BTC and BTDC coils are compatible with the Horizon Tech Arctic Tank, but they should not be used with other tanks unless compatibility is explicitly stated.

These coils are not only versatile and dependable, but they generate rich, full-flavored vapor that promises to be more satisfying than traditional electronic vaporizers. That's because of the sub-ohm capabilities of the atomizer head. It is vital that you check your device's battery output and wattage before you use one of these amazing coils, since some systems are made to function with lower wattages, and others are made to work with higher wattages. Properly setting up your device will guarantee you don't damage any of the individual components by attempting to force compatibility where it doesn't exist. Some knowledge is certainly required to operate and maintain such a device, but most vape enthusiasts are accustomed to the level of sophistication in their devices.

Switching out these coils is quick and painless as well. Simply disassemble your Arctic device by first removing the tank from the battery. Continue to disassemble the tank component down into its basic pieces, which includes the pyrex glass tube, the mouthpiece, the base, and the internal coil structure. Remove the coil from the base with a simple unscrewing motion, and install the new coil by screwing it in place. Rebuild the tank, taking care to clean the glass tube if needed, and then refill the tank before reattaching it to the battery base. Allow the device to rest for several minutes so the new wicks have time to absorb an appropriate amount of e-liquid to prevent burning. With proper care and regular use, these coils should last several weeks.

Features and Wattage Ratings for the Arctic Clearomizer Replacement Coils:

  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction
  • 100% Organic Cotton Wicks
  • Clapton Elements
  • Kanthal Wire Components
  • 0.2 Ohm Bottom Turbine Coil: 20-50W
  • 0.5 Ohm Bottom Turbine Coil: 20-40W
  • 1.2 Ohm Bottom Turbine Coil: 10-25W
  • 0.2 Ohm Bottom Turbine Dual Coil: 30-100W
  • 0.5 Ohm Bottom Turbine Dual Coil: 30-80W
  • Only Compatible with Horizon Tech Arctic Tank

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