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Arizer Vaporizer Replacement Parts

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Arizer Vaporizer Replacement Parts Overview

Arizer is a premium vaporizer company that makes high quality vaporizers and Arizer vaporizer replacement parts. All of their products are manufactured with superior ceramic and glass materials. Arizer chooses these materials because they are inert and toxin free. Thet release euch flavorful vapor. The ceramic and glass parts do not overheat and destroy the quality of the vapor as with other vaporizer brands. 

Arizer works for months on the development of each new component. Their designs are innovative and original. Arizer strives to stay competitive with its top quality products that are sure to impress.

Arizer vaporizers and replacement parts are designed to give users a customizable vaping experience. The vaporizers use optimized heating systems and variable temperature controls to allow the user flexibility and control. Vapers can enjoy a simple, light vapor or thick, huge clouds. Either way, the flavors and aromas will be pure and smooth. 

Unlike some other vaporizer companies, Arizer makes the maintenance of your vaporizers and Arizer vaporizer replacement parts a snap. Their products are easy to use and clean.Removable glass parts ensure the cleaning process can be done thoroughly every time.

Arizer products are designed for use anywhere in the world. All of their products come with a 110 to 240V power source. In addition UL and International Safety Standards have been met or exceeded. You can use Arizer products with confidence, knowing they are both safe and effective. 

Got Vape carries various replacement parts for the Arizer vaporizers in both the Extreme Q and V Tower lineups.

Hand crafted in Canada, Extreme Q Vaporizer Screen Packs are made with high quality materials. The Extreme Q Vaporizer Cyclone Bowl is made with glass and designed for the Extreme Q and V Tower. The Extreme Q Vaporizer Elbow Adapter is made completely from glass. It also includes a dome screen. The Extreme Q Vaporizer Whip Kit produces pure flavors. The Extreme Q Balloon Kit 6 Pack is another convenient item to have on hand. You can also purchase just one Extreme Q Vaporizer Balloon Kit by itself. 

The Extreme Q & Components

The Extreme Q Vaporizer Glass Tuff Bowl is made of high quality glass, great to have if the original breaks or becomes cracked. The Extreme Q Vaporizer Mini Whip is a smaller version of the larger whip kit. The Extreme Q Vaporizer Spare Parts Kit has all of the spare parts your kit will need for the Extreme Q or V Tower. The Extreme Q Vaporizer Power Cord is convenient to have when your battery runs low. The Extreme Q Vaporizer Heater Cover Old Version is perfect for the original Extreme Q. You may also purchase an Extreme Vaporizer Heater Cover for the latest Extreme Vaporizer by Arizer. The Extreme Q Vaporizer Balloon Mouthpiece is affordable. It is convenient ti have an extra mouthpiece if you lose or break yours ir if you choose to share your vaporizer with a friend. 

The Extreme Vaporizer Custom Carrying Case is 17" x 11". It includes a shoulder strap as well as two front and twi side compartments. The Extreme Q Vaporizer Whip Mouthpiece will produce pure flavors and silky smooth clouds. The Extreme Q Vaporizer 3' Whip is long enough to create the large clouds vapers love. The Extreme Q Vaporizer Glass Stir Tool works great for mixing up your aromatherapys. The Extreme Q Vaporizer Remote Control controls fan speed, heat and more.

All of the Arizer replacement parts are top notch and ready to enhance your vaping experience. With high quality materials and innovative designs, your Extreme Q and V Tower vaporizers will have everything needed to make sure your vaporizers and vaping accessories are in top shape and ready for use.