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Aromed Vaporizer Replacement Parts

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Aromed Vaporizer Accessories Overview

The AroMed Vaporizer is one of the oldest and most well-known products in the industry. The original device was produced in 1996, and it was first released to the public in 1997. It is a box-style vaporizer that functions with exceptional precision, and it includes a water filtration system that takes the vapor purity to a new level. The AroMed is currently in its fourth iteration, and the device will most likely continue to advance as the company that produces the product, Research & Experience, expands its knowledge of vaporizers even further.

The product is widely used throughout the medical community for its optimal health benefits. There are certain medications that are legal in both prescription and loose leaf form, like Sage and Juniper, and the AroMed provides a far more efficient way to enjoy the medical benefits of these herbs than their processed prescription counterparts. The company takes great pride in their contribution to the healing of medical patients who need a cheaper alternative to traditional medicine.

The AroMed 4.0 is a beast of device. It can heat up to the optimal vaporization temperature of 425 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 2 minutes, so the user can start vaping right away. The device includes a detailed instruction manual with the proper way to vaporize over 30 different medically beneficial herbs. It produces very little residue or condensate during operation, and what little bit is produced gets caught by the water filtration system on the rear of the device.

The parent company of the AroMed Vaporizer, Research & Experience, has made a name for themselves in the high-end vaporizer marketplace, and they continue to advance their innovative products to meet the needs of the ever-changing customer base. They produce every component of the device, including the external tubing and the water filtration system. We at carry a full inventory of products, replacement parts, and accessories for the AroMed Vaporizer.

Helpful Aromed Vape Replacement Parts

The first component in our list of AroMed Vaporizer replacement parts is their Glass Bowl, which functions as the attachment that holds the herbal material to be vaporized. The bowl attaches to the device and keeps the material near the heat source for optimal heat transfer. The next item, the Glass Aroma Attachment, is meant to function as a diffuser. It slides easily over the heating element and distributes aroma evenly.

The next item in our inventory of AroMed Vaporizer replacement parts is the Glass Foam Pellet, which is ideal for using the vaporizer with essential oils or waxy concentrates. Next, we have the Glass Water Filtration System, which functions like a basic water pipe. The system attaches to the back of the AroMed Vaporizer using a rubber band, which we also carry in our inventory. The filtration system is highly recommended in order to gain the maximum benefit of the AroMed, but it is not vital to the function of the device. As with most vaporizers, you can attach the whip directly to the glass bowl, which allows the device to work without the water filtration system. While this method works, it is inferior to using the device with the water filtration system intact, so if you're missing the filtration system, you should consider replacing it right away.

If you need a replacement whip for you device, we carry replacement silicone hoses that work perfectly for that purpose. We also have 10-packs of their replacement mouthpieces, which makes it easy to enjoy the vapor in a group of people. Should a bulb go out on your AroMed device, you could find a replacement halogen bulb for the device in our stock of AroMed Vaporizer replacement parts.