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Ascent Vaporizer Replacement Parts

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Ascent Vaporizer Replacement Parts

The Ascent Vaporizer is manufactured by the Da Vinci Vaporizer brand, which is well-known in the industry for their stellar vaporizers and accessories. Their flagship product, the Da Vinci Vaporizer, was the first of its kind when it was introduced. The rugged design of the original device was meant to handle the fearsome outdoors, but the Ascent is a much more precise device that offers smoother vapor and unmatched flavor potential. Da Vinci released the Ascent after their Da Vinci Vaporizer became so popular that people started asking for a version of the device for every day use.

The design of the original Da Vinci Vaporizer is quite ingenious. The exterior shell is made from a dense plastic that can stand up to any trauma, and the mouthpiece is a piece of flexible tubing that won't break when bent. The device resembles a small walkie-talkie, which makes it perfect for camping or hiking. It has consistent temperature production and moderate battery life. While the device is perfect for getting back to nature, it wasn't exactly what many of their more urban-oriented customers wanted. They designed the Ascent as a way of meeting the demands of their varied customer base.

The Ascent by Da Vinci provides the same high-quality utility available in the the original Da Vinci Vaporizer, but it also includes some additional features that push the device into a league of its own. The vapor pathway for the Ascent is entirely made of glass, which allows the device to produce vapor with exceptionally pure flavor. The Ascent also features single-degree temperature control and an ergonomically designed shell for added comfort during extended use. We at appreciate the extremely high standards used to produce these wonderful devices, which is why we carry a full selection of Ascent Vaporizer replacement parts and accessories.

Our selection of Ascent Vaporizer replacement parts includes several different items that allow the user to take full advantage of their device. Since the Ascent Vaporizer uses a solid glass vapor channel, the device can be fit with multiple types of glass attachments. The first is the standard Ascent Vaporizer Glass Set. This set includes the mouthpiece and internal stem for the Ascent, and they are the same as the pieces included with the purchase of the Ascent. You can either completely replace the glass pieces of simply change them out long enough to clean the first set.

Ascent Glass Attachment Pieces

Our selection also includes two other glass attachment pieces. The first is the U Glass Attachment, which functions by replacing the mouthpiece with a glass attachment in either 14mm or 18mm sizes. The U-shaped design allows the attachment to fit into the vaporizer while the device is still upright, and the glass simply bends back down to the ground glass attachment. This allows the user to vaporize ground aromatic blends or essential oils without worrying about spilling or tipping the material out of the device.

The second glass attachment in our inventory of Ascent Vaporizer replacement parts is the Water Attachment. This piece works the same as the U Glass Attachment, only it has no bend in the pipe. This allows the user to attached the Ascent to any compatible water pipe while still enjoying the vapor production potential of the Ascent.

Ascent Oil Tanks and Accessories

Our inventory also includes a set of Replacement Oil Tanks for the Ascent. These oil tanks are designed to fit right inside the existing heating chamber, and they prevent the essential oils from leaving residue inside the chamber itself. Instead, the oil is heated within the glass oil tank before it escapes through the silicon lid on the top of the tank. Our selection also includes a wall charger and a carrying case to protect your Ascent from harm while traveling.