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Ascent Vaporizers

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Ascent Vapes

DaVinci manufactures the Ascent vaporizer, and it has a long history of creating stable, reliable and beautiful products. The company creates vaporizers that appeal as equally to the newcomer as the seasoned vaper. All of their products offer precision control, exceptional battery life and detail-oriented craftsmanship. These vaporizers are designed for people who want a superior vaping experience and refuse to settle for any product that doesn't give a pure flavor.

DaVinci Product Line

While the Ascent vaporizer is the ideal unit for people who want ultimate control in a portable form, the company also creates the DaVinci Classic portable vaporizer. The classic vaporizer costs less, and it can serve as a good introductory vaporizer for vapers who are looking to save a bit of money. The DaVinci is a high-quality vaporizer that provides consistent temperature control, but the Ascent offers higher quality materials compared to the DaVinci's plastic construction. The DaVinci also isn't able to reach the same temperature as the Ascent and offers fewer technological features.

Ascent Vaporizer Features

The Ascent vaporizer marries luxury and portability. The result is that you'll get a superior, refined vaping experience that gives you exceptional flavor and vapor. The unit offers a three- to four-hour battery life, and you'll enjoy the ability to charge this unit quickly. The stable temperature control system is designed to get your temperature just right and keep it there. The unit also comes in several unique designs to give you the option of finding the unit that speaks to you.

Ascent Quality Materials and Construction

When you choose an Ascent vaping product, you'll enjoy premium materials that help to provide you with exceptional usability and reliability. The product has a clean and pure vapor path that won't get in the way of producing thick plumes of vapor. The batteries are removable and rechargeable so you can bring an extra set along with you to enjoy a prolonged session without having to recharge your batteries.

Effective Temperature Control from Ascent Vaaporizers

One of the best things about this unit is the ability to accurately set the temperature. Most vaporizers will hang within a certain temperature range, but this unit stays stable at the temperature you select. This is an important feature, especially as you begin to hit the upper limit for what your concentrates and essential oil can handle. Increasing the temperature by just a few degrees can result in a burnt taste that ruins your vaping session. 

The smart precision temperature control technology helps you get an outstanding taste and exceptional quality. You'll also enjoy the retractable glass-derived air path to ensure even heating of your blends. The ceramic heating elements result in a device that is inert and won't degrade your essential oils or concentrates with toxins or artifacts from the vaporizer. 

Ascent Bundle

If you order the Ascent Bundle, you'll get all the equipment you need to get up and running quickly. The bundle comes with the vaporizer unit, a wall charger, glass mouthpiece stems and internal stems. You'll also receive glass oil jars, a metal pick and a carrying case to protect and organize your unit for travel. The bundle offers an easy way to get the components you'll need most to enjoy an effective vaping session.

Additional Vaporizer Accessories

For additional utility, you can purchase a variety of accessories that are designed to work with the Ascent vaporizer. You can also get a two-pack oil tank replacement set to replace any aging and worn oil tanks in your existing vaporizer. This ensures your unit continues to perform as if it was new out of the box.