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Asmodus Vaporizers

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Asmodus' Dependable Box Mods

Asmodus is a vaping company that focuses on everything from e-liquids and box mods to batteries and beyond. If Asmodus has piqued your interest as a vaping connoisseur in any way, never fear. We have some top-notch Asmodus products available for you here at GotVape. 

Asmodus Snow Wolf Vaporizer Series

The Snow Wolf 200w Temperature Control Box Mod is notable for being among the strongest temperature controlled devices available these days. The wattage it offers is genuinely phenomenal. If you want to fire anywhere in the range of 5 watts and 200 watts, this box mod can help you do so. This mod can be great for people who want to change their wattage. It can also be great for those who want to be able to take care of all of their temperature needs. Temperatures for this mod go from anywhere between 212 degrees Fahrenheit and 662 degrees Fahrenheit. This product is essential for people who are fond of extremely low atomizer building. If you're in that category, you should be able to fire confidently and smoothly. This mod can cater to atomizers of just 0.05 ohms. At the other end of the spectrum, it can cater to atomizers with 2.5 ohms. This can be highly convenient for people who like testing out choices in ohms. The back cover of this mod is 100 percent magnetic. This can help maintain the security of your battery bay. Some of the Snow Wolf 200w Temperature Control Box Mod's most prominent features include overheating defense, short circuit defense, battery casing with vents, low voltage defense and low resistance defense. It even offers warning notifications against high voltage levels.

Snow Wolf Mini 75W

The Snow Wolf Mini 75W TC Box Mod is another acclaimed product from the good people at Asmodus. If you're all about up-and-coming vaping technology, you should pay close attention to this box mod. Its highest output wattage is 75 watts. If you're looking for a beautifully compact box mod, the Snow Wolf mini should make a fine addition to your vaping product collection. The box mod is equipped with an onboard system that's referred to as the "GX75 Chipset."

It has an intuitive OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display that can be a source of convenience to users. This display provides information that involves battery, resistance, power and temperature. This mod is made of first-rate brushed stainless steel. Its finish is radiant and lovely, too. Other significant features that are part of the Snow Wolf Mini 75W TC Box Mod are low voltage protection, reverse battery protection, short circuit protection and overheating protection. If you want to buy a box mod that is known for its incredible performance, this product is definitely one to watch. The product comes in a handful of attractive and interesting colors. These colors are purple, blue, white and red.

An Incredible Vaping Experience

If you shop for vaping products at GotVape, you never have to worry about receiving anything that isn't world-class. This applies to our Asmodus products. This applies to the rest of the products we carry as well. If you want your vaping experience to be full of pleasure and convenience, we can guide the way for you. Our staff members are dependable, industrious and friendly professionals who enjoy working in the vaping realm every day. That's why they enjoy helping our customers. If you have any questions at all that relate to box mods and their functioning, you can turn to us whenever you want. We can provide you with thorough customer support through the phone. We can also give you support via online assistance. We even answer customer emails quickly. Contact us today to learn more.