Atlantis V2 Coils 5 pk by Aspire


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The Atlantis V2 Coils 5 pk by Aspire are made for the second generation of Aspire Atlantis vaporizers, but they are compatible with the original Atlantis as well. They use a Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) design that delivers unparalleled flavor and rich, dense vapor.


Product Description

These coils are available in several different resistance levels, including 0.3 ohms, 0.5 ohms, and 1.0 ohm. They operate with sub-ohm capabilities, which provide even denser clouds and a smoother, deep taste that won't compromise on quality. Each coil head is made with premium stainless steel and 100 percent organic cotton for the wicking material.

The older versions of these coils, those that came with the original Atlantis unit, are not as efficient at providing high quality vapor, since they would burn additional e-liquid through the ceramic wick. The inclusion of versatile cotton wicks to these second generation coils has brought about a new level of vaping experience. Comparatively, these new coils are easier to burn because of the presence of the cotton. However, if you are vigilant with your device and never allow it to fully dry out, you'll have no problem making these coils last for as long as they are meant to. It is recommended that these coils be changed once every two weeks, assuming standard use. Those who vape more frequently might need to change the coils more often.

Changing these coils is exceptionally easy, even if you have little or no experience with personal aromatherapy devices. Be sure to deactivate the device and remove the battery before you start the repair. Unscrew the bottom cap from the tank, being careful to treat the glass tube gently. Remove the glass tube and set it aside for cleaning, if necessary. Remove the old coil and discard it. Next, install the new coil by screwing it in place. Replace the glass tube once it has dried, if cleaning was required. Next, fill the tank with your favorite e-juice and replace the bottom cap. It is imperative that you allow the wicks to absorb some of the e-liquid before you activate the device, otherwise you could accidentally burn some of the dry cotton wick. Some users prefer to add a few drops of the e-liquid to the wicks before installing the coil, which ensures a proper priming effect.

The resistance that you choose for your Atlantis V2 coil will directly dictate the wattage you should use with your device. It is recommended that the 0.5 ohm coil be used with a range of 20-30 watts. Never exceed the highest wattage rating for a sub-ohm coil.

Key Features of the Atlantis V2 Coils 5 pk by Aspire:

  • Compatible with Aspire Atlantis and Atlantis V2
  • BVC Technology
  • Versatile Stainless Steel
  • Premium Organic Cotton
  • Sub-ohm Resistance

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