BVC Coils 5 pk by Aspire


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These BVC Coils 5 pk by Aspire are part of the innovative line of Aspire personal aromatherapy devices and components. They come in packs of five pre-assembled coil units, and they take advantage of some of the most advanced technology and premium materials available anywhere.


Product Description

The most current versions of these coils use organic Japanese cotton as a wicking agent, and the internal wick component is made from durable ceramic for the ultimate in performance and longevity. All the modern technology and manufacturing techniques employed to build these coils are state-of-the-art, and they provide unmatched flavor and rich, dense vapor.

It is recommended that this coil be allowed to prime for several minutes after it has been installed and e-liquid has been added to the tank. This will ensure the coil has enough time to absorb the e-liquid, which prevents burning through a dry cotton wick. The BVC design, which stands for Bottom Vertical Coil, is an improvement upon the original Aspire BDC coils, which were Bottom Dual Coils. The upgrade is based on the ceramic internal wick that provides a larger vaping surface area than even the dual coils of the first generation. These coils come from Aspire, one of the most trusted manufacturers of premium electronic aromatherapy devices and personal vaporizers. Each package is printed with an authenticity code, so you can rest assured you'll be getting a premium product and not a cheap imitation.

These coils are compatible with several of the best units from Aspire, including the Vivi Nova-S, the K1, the CE5, and the ET-S. These units are smaller than the Nautilus or Atlantis tanks, which require larger coil heads. There are no exposed wicks with these BVC coils, since they use a bottom feed configuration that prevents many of the most common problems with such devices, like leaking, gurgling, and thin draws. The precision of these coils offers unparalleled taste and versatility.

Installing these coils requires no advanced knowledge beyond what any typical user would have. They simply screw in place within the tank of the device in question, and once the e-liquid is applied and allowed to rest, the unit is ready to vaporize. It is recommended that the tanks be refilled when they are roughly one third full, guaranteeing that the wick will never dry out and char. With proper maintenance and utility, these coils have an impressive optimal lifespan. 

Features of the BVC Coils 5 pk by Aspire:

  • Includes 5 Pre-assembled Replacement Coil Heads
  • Uses Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) Technology
  • Made with Kanthal Wire
  • Available in 1.6 and 1.8 ohms of Resistance
  • Compatible with Aspire CE5
  • Compatible with Aspire ET-S
  • Compatible with Aspire Vivi Nova-S
  • Compatible with Aspire K1
  • Includes Authenticity Code on Retail Pack
  • NOT Compatible with Aspire Nautilus or Nautilus Mini

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