Nautilus & Nautilus Mini Coils 5 pk by Aspire


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With their Nautilus line of vape tanks, Aspire shook up the industry in a big way. And the key, as you might expect, lies in their Bottom-Vertical-Coil (BVC) atomizer design. An organic cotton fill is gravity-fed e-juice right to the edge of a solid, evenly-heated coil element. If you're used to complicated mods, you can find the same performance with far better ease-of-use. And if you're used to a cheap all-in-one e-cig, you'll probably kick yourself for waiting so long to upgrade.


Product Description

Each pack of replacement atomizers comes with five units, generally around $20 at retail. They're individually blister-packed, making them simple to keep and travel with, without concerns about contamination or damage. The construction of the atomizers themselves, too, is sturdy and generally reliable. Duds are few and far between, and most can be solved with a quick google search and a little tinkering.

As far as the performance, they're surpassed only by new variations on the same BVC technology. Regardless of model or power level, these atomizers deliver thick, full clouds of vapor and a hearty, powerful throat hit. And with proper pre-soaks and responsible use, they last a *long* time. A five-pack refill could last you anywhere from a month to five. There are a lot of variables with any e-cig, starting with your particular favorite e-liquid, and the Nautilus line does an admirable job keeping the atomizer itself as constant as possible.

Another benefit of the atomizer design is how compact every part of the unit is. There's only enough space to perfectly fit each element, without excess fill threatening to scorch before it absorbs any fuel. However, there is a somewhat-confusing layer of wick around the holes in the side of the unit. These work well to inhale juice, but are a poor indicator of how saturated the inner fill is. 

Thankfully, prepping the unit itself, or giving it a bit of help in between refills, is simple and mostly idiot-proof. Gone are the days of "whatever you do, don't let any juice fall down the middle." Now, that excess juice easily drains out the bottom for immediate clean-up.

Of course, that's the final gift of the Nautilus system: any messes are contained in the bottom of the unit, not pouring out all over your battery's contacts. Not just that, but by keeping the atomizer's contact separate from the main connection to the battery, you'll be expanding the lifetime of every piece a little bit more.

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