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Aspire Tanks

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Aspire Vape Tanks

Aspire encourages their clients to aspire to their best and they try to do the same. Aspire was founded in late 2013. In the short time since, they have become one of the most famous, enjoyable, fashionable and upscale vaping brands in the world. Their quick rise to worldwide notoriety is easily seen in online forums and the heaps of satisfied product reviews. It isn't hard to see why so many vapers speak of Aspire's virtues. 

Aspire was started by a team with over a decade of experience in the e-cigarette industry. Their products are manufactured in house to ensure high quality and excellent customer care. Their desire to stay on the cutting edge of product development has made them one of the leading manufacturers of vaping products across the globe.

Aspire's research and development teams include technical experts from around the world which has enabled them to consistently develop ingenious new products that impress vapers and inspire copycats. When you buy from Got Vape, you can be sure that you are buying a genuine Aspire product that has been carefully engineered and checked for quality.

Aspire Tanks Worldwide

Aspire continues to grow. They now have service centers on three continents. You can find Aspire in the United States of America, Canada, China and the United Kingdom. They have plans to even expand more soon. Their growing popularity and wide range of products makes them perfect for both novice vapers and old pros. You can find answers to any questions you may have about their products online and trust that Aspire products have been manufactured with quality in mind.

Aspire is best known for their affordable coils and roomy tanks. Aspire products are easy to use and maintain to give you the best vaping experience. At Got Vape, we offer a variety of Aspire coils and several Aspire tanks.

Aspire Sub Tanks

The Clieto Sub Tank is a sub ohm tank that offers more than the sum of its parts. Its revolutionary coil replaces the standard chimney coil to deliver maximum airflow and cloud production. The Cleito is made of stainless steel with a Pyrex glass tube and a wide bore Delrin drip tip, which is made of imported food grade Delrin. The Cleito is also compatible with standard 510 drip tips.

Aspire Triton Tanks

The Triton V2 Tank offers a 67 mm height and 22.5 mm width with a 3.0 ml capacity. It is constructed of stainless steel and Pyrex glass. The Triton V2 Drip Tip System contains two notched fins that act as a heat sink to draw heat away from the stainless steel drip tip and act as an unscrewing grip.

The Triton Sub Ohm Tank offers a 3.5 ml capacity. The adjustable airflow at the drip tip makes it a great choice for vapers who run their units at higher wattage/voltage settings. The Trition has four impressive fins to draw heat away from the drip tip.

Aspire's Atlantis line of vape tanks offer sturdy, blemish-free stainless steel builds and reliable Pyrex glass tubes. The three tanks vary in size, allowing users to hold either two, three or five ml of e-liquid juice. Choose the one that's right for you today!

The Nautilus Tank line is one of Aspire's most popular. They are easy to use, clean and carry, making them perfect for every vaper. 

Check out the full line of Aspire Tanks and Aspire Coils here on Got Vape!