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Vapes by Aspire

Aspire is one of the leading names in the vape industry. Founded in 2013, the quality and consistency of their products has earned Aspire a top ranking name among vape enthusiasts. Aspire has products for all levels of vape enthusiasts from the beginning user to the seasoned vaper. Listed below are some of the most popular vape accessories offered by Aspire. 

The Aspire Carbon Fire Mod is designed to provide power for low-resistance atomizer e-juice tanks. Crafted from carbon fiber and stainless steel, the mod is designed for 18650 batteries and can handle up to 30 watts of power. The Aspin CF Mod has a short circuit detector safety feature that automatically shuts down the battery when a short circuit happen to the heating coils in the atomizer. The Aspin CF Mod also features a locking system that prevents accidental usage of the system while the unit is stored in a pocket, purse, or backpack.

Aspire Vape Kits

The Aspire Platinum Mod kit contains the Carbon Fire Mod battery and an Atlantis sub ohm tank large enough to accommodate 2 ml of e-juice. Additionally, the kit comes with a replacement tank featuring a stylish laser cut hollowed out stainless steel sleeve that protects the glass tank from impact breakage. Also included in the kit is a USB cable, five replacement coils, user manual, and a genuine black leather carrying case. 

For those who prefer more control and versatility with their vaping experience, Aspire offers the Odyssey Box Mod Kit. The Odyssey kit features the Pegasus Box Mod battery system. The Pegasus can handle up to 70 watts of power and has a variable voltage from 0.50V-8.50V. The USB vape-through charging system allows the unit to be used while connected to the charging cable. An LED display on the front of the unit allows for easy viewing while making customized setting adjustments. The kit also features the Triton2 Sub Ohm tank with pre-installed .05 Ohm Clapton coil, and two additional replacement coils (1.8 Ohm and .15 Ohm). Also included is a micro USB cable and user manual. 

Aspire Box Mods

The Odyssey Mini Box Mod Kit offers the convenience and versatility of the full size kit in a sleek, smaller size The Pegasus Mini Box Mod handles up to 50 watts of power. Like the full size mod, it has a front digital display and USB charging port with vape through capability. The kit comes equipped with a Mini Triton sub ohm tank with a pre-installed 1.8 Sub Ohm coil and an extra 0.15 coil and replacement glass tube. Also included is a user manual and mini USB cable.

Aspire E-Cigs

Made from stainless steel, the Triton V2 Tank offers an adjustable airflow control system that allows the user to adjust the airflow settings according to their preference. The top fill tank holds up to 3 ml of e-juice and the mouthpiece can be easily screwed off for those who prefer a drip tip. Replacement coils for the Triton V2 are available in 4 different Ohm measurements and are crafted with Japanese organic cotton for a cleaner taste and easier draw. 

The Nautilus Tank features coils equipped with the Aspire BDC system. Crafted from stainless steel and Pyrex glass, the tank features an adjustable airflow system. The dual-purpose mouthpiece allows ease-of-use for those who prefer a drip tip tank. 

Replacement coils for both the Triton V2 and the Nautilus Tank are available in packs of five.