Atmos Boss Dry aromatherapy Vaporizer


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If you're a big fan of vaping dry herbs, then the Atmos Boss Dry Blend Vaporizer could be exactly what you've been looking for. The main reason why users choose to vape herbal blends is because they're flavorful and diverse. The problem is that many vape pens claim to deliver pure, flavorful vape but don't live up to their promises. 


Product Description

The Atmos Boss Dry Blend Vaporizer is the exception. Manufactured by Atmos, this device is designed to prevent combustion while delivering maximum vaporizing performance. After using it for the first time, most users will understand why the Atmos Boss Dry Blend Vaporizer is one of the best products for dry herb. It's an excellent vape pen for users who desire flavorful, thick vapor.

Since it uses one-button operation, it's also one of the easiest vape pens to use. Once you press the button and wait for the blue light to turn on, you're ready to go. It's really that simple to use. The Atmos Boss Dry Blend Vaporizer is capable of heating for 50 seconds, and afterwards, it will shut off. 

This particular vape pen is known for being one of few vaporizers that delivers consistent heating. Many other vaporizer pens use varying temperatures, which can cause material to partially combust. The Atmos Boss Dry Blend Vaporizer attacks your material with a consistent temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

As a result of the steady heating, the Atmos Boss is able to completely vaporize material while never causing it to burn. You'll have to wait 30 seconds for the heat chamber to reach its optimal temperature, but most users agree that the experience is worth the wait. 

The Atmos Boss Dry Blend Vaporizer is made from top-quality materials. The heating chamber is made from stainless steel and shaped to make packing dry herb as easy as possible. The rubber mouthpiece provides a comfortable draw while never compromising durability. With a length over six inches, this vape pen is quite large. 

Many users enjoy the Atmos Boss Dry Blend Vaporizer because it's lightweight and compact. When compared to the style of classic pens, the style of the Atmos Boss is in a league of its own. It's powered by a lithium-ion battery and charges quickly. You can get as many as 1,200 draws from a single battery charge, so you can enjoy several vaping sessions while on the go. 

Key Features

• One of the best vape pens for dry herbs
• Made with stainless-steel shell
• Heats up quickly
• Features a sleek, modern design
• Uses 510 threading

The Atmos Boss Dry Blend Vaporizer is actually very easy to use. Before you use the pen, you'll want to make sure the battery is charged fully. 

After you load the chamber with your favorite dry herb, you must quickly press the power button three times, which activates the heating element. The Atmos Boss can take up to 40 seconds to heat up. The LED indicator light will glow blue while the device is heating up.

Overall, the Atmos Boss Dry Blend Vaporizer is a top product. It's made from anodized stainless steel and features beautiful laser etching. The sleek styling and polished finish will make you wonder why this vaporizer doesn't cost double the price you're paying. 

It will allow you to discreetly enjoy your favorite dry herb blends while never having to worry about combustion. The Atmos Boss is actually designed for dry herbs, so if you plan to use it for this purpose, you won't be disappointed.

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