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The Atmos R2 Dab Pen delivers the convenience of a portable vaporizer but lacks the issues that many portable vaporizers fall victim to. The Atmos R2 can be filled once and used all day long. The style of the Atmos R2 is another great selling point.


Product Description

Since it's from the Atmos family of vaporizers, you can trust that it's made from quality materials, and many users would call it an advanced device. The huge heating chamber is one of the greatest benefits of the Atmos R2. In fact, the chamber is large enough to hold enough material for an entire day of vaporizing. 

Anodized is a great word to describe the heating chamber, and the size of the chamber is large enough to provide increased air flow. As a result, you get to enjoy vapor of the highest quantity and quality. 

There aren't too many other wax pens that can match the performance of the Atmos R2 Dab Pen. Even the tiniest details of the Atmos R2 are flawless. You'll enjoy its flexible, comfortable mouthpiece, which makes it easy to suck thick, flavorful vapor into your lungs.

The slim tapered body of this vaporizer has a height of just over six inches. Although it works best with concentrates, you can use it for dry herbs and wax. To remove various impurities from vapor, it has ceramic and mesh filters. The Atmos R2 is also easy to clean and use. 

You'll find that the Atmos R2 Wax Pen is easier to clean than many other portable vaporizers. After you've loaded the vaporizer with your wax or herb blend, all that you need to do is press the power button and start drawing from the device. 

A selling point of the Atmos R2 Dab Pen is that you can start getting vapor from it after only two seconds. When you're finished using the Atmos R2, you can lock it by pressing the power button five times. The locking feature actually locks the battery and stops it from supplying power to the heating element.

The larger heating chamber is one of the greatest advantages that the Atmos R2 Dab Pen has over other products. The huge chamber helps to make every hit more potent and can hold significantly more material than other Atmos products. 

When compared with the Atmos Junior or Raw, the battery in the Atmos R2 is significantly more powerful, and you'll really appreciate this feature while traveling. As a result of the bigger battery, you can go for longer periods of time before needing to recharge the device. 

The battery in the Atmos R2 will give you about 25 minutes of continuous use, which is great for a vape pen. It's important to realize that nobody actually uses the heating element for 25 minutes straight, so the battery is really good for many hours of regular use. 

The heating coil plays a major role in the overall quality of the vaporizer, and the Atmos R2 Concentrate Vaporizer has a larger heating coil. Since the heating element can also get hotter than other models it offers deeper flavors and denser vapors. 

Overall, the Atmos R2 is a top product, and it offers several improvements over the Atmos Junior and Raw models. It has a beautiful exterior, ergonomic grip and powerful battery. If you're looking for a powerful, beautiful and discreet vaporizer, then the Atmos R2 Wax Pen is a great product to purchase.

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    A good quality vape pen

    This is a bit more expensive than some vape pens but its because this pen can fit more in and the quality of the material is just overall better. It's not like a plastic feel like some of the pens out there. It looks like an e-cig thats the beauty of it

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