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When purchasing additional or replacement batteries for your Atmos RX mod, there's a number of things you need to look out for. The first is, of course, to make sure that the battery you're buying is compatible with your unit. In the world of vaping, not all batteries are made the same, so it's important to make absolutely sure that you're getting the right kind of battery for your vaporizer.


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For example, if you're running a 150 watt mod, you'll likely want to get a 4400mAh battery. Similarly, a 50 watt vaporizer might only demand a 2600mAh battery. Keep in mind that vaping isn't the only thing that's going to drain your battery life - the digital display and temperature control on your mod are also going to take up some of it's power.

Having at least two sets of batteries for your vaporizer is a great idea, because it'll allow you to "swap" them out as necessary. This means that if you use up all of the battery power in the batteries you've currently got in your vaporizer, you won't have to go without vaping while they recharge. You can simply swap out the dead batteries for ones that have been fully recharged - if you haven't taken this step yet, we highly recommend it, as it's a major time savor and very convenient.

Speaking of which, getting a good charger along with your Atmos RX batteries can make a world of difference in your vaping experiencing. Generally speaking, it shouldn't take more than a few hours for a 4600mAh battery to charge - if you've been having to play the game where you "leave your batteries charging overnight", odds are it's time for a better charging unit to make its way into your vaping arsenal. 

There's a lot of benefits if you buy your Atmos RX battery (or batteries) from us - these batteries are specifically designed to be used for variable voltage/wattage units, and are perfect for your mods that you use for sub-ohm vaping. As you've probably learned by now, it's important to buy high quality batteries to avoid failures, low lifespans, and potentially dangerous battery leaks. These kinds of batteries are going to last a long time, even if they're constantly recharged again and again. 

When purchasing a battery, such as the ones we offer here, make sure that it has built in PCB protection. This is going to ensure that you enjoy the longest battery life possible, because this kind of protection will avoid a lot of common problems like damage or potential malfunction. Atmos RX batteries all come with a locking and unlocking mechanism, which means that they won't be damaged from overuse or overheating. This is the kind of engineering which the ever-maturing vape industry is eventually going to make an industry standard, but with our selection of batteries you can have access to this kind of functionality immediately.

Safety standards are also very important, and Atmos RX batteries adhere to them rigorously. This isn't the kind of technology that's going to simply extend the lifespan of your batteries, it's going to ensure that you avoid potentially dangerous leaks or other malfunctions - which could damage your mod. Investing in a good set of batteries is the best way to protect your equipment and make sure that you have a reliable, safe, and convenient vaping experience. Atmos RX batteries are fully compatible with all Atmos mods and vape pens, and if you want to have the ideal experience then it's best to couple these two parts from the same manufacturer with one another.

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    Don't leave without your battery

    The lithium ion battery that comes with the Atmos Raw battery holds a charge for an extended period of time. I am able to use my raw for around 2 days before having to charge the battery again.However, I took it over to my friends house and forgot my battery there. It was then that I vowed to always have a replacement battery on hand & at $55.00 it is very affordable.

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