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A good battery charger can make the difference between a poor vaping experience and an excellent one. After all, without a properly charged batter, your vaporizer pen or mod won't be able to function - so if you've been dealing with a low quality charger, now is the time to upgrade.


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A good charger will take even your largest batteries and charge them fully within a few hours at the most. A good way to tell if your current charger isn't living up to the standard that you deserve is this: have you ever had to let your batteries charge overnight? Have you ever found yourself in the middle of the day, waiting to vape because you ran out of batter power? With a good set of batteries and a high end charger, these kinds of problems will be a thing of the past.

That's why we stock the best Atmos RX home chargers. These chargers are designed to be long lasting and highly efficient. These chargers are designed specifically for home use - unlike portable or car chargers, they're intended to be plugged into a wall outlet or USB port. Which type of unit you choose is based on your specific usage scenario. For example, if you want a high end charger for your 18650 batteries, the Atmos RX home chargers featured here are an excellent choice. You'll simply plug them into the nearest wall outlet, insert your batteries, and enjoy a short waiting time for your vaporizer's batteries to be fully charged.

However, if you spend a good deal of time near your computer or other devices with a USB port, you may wish to choose one of Atmos' excellent USB chargers. These kinds of chargers are available in all different kinds of port sizes, such as micro USB. This can ensure compatibility not only between your unit, but the charging device you've chosen to use as well. 

Choosing the right home chargers for your devices is important, so it's a good thing that Atmos products range in styles to cover all of your charging needs. Available are 510 style chargers, Atmos-threaded chargers, and of course, chargers for your vaporizer pens. These chargers have all been manufactured with one thing in mind: quality. You can expect that each style of charger is going to keep your battery healthy and allow you to get the most out of its lifespan - which is important, because low quality chargers can actually reduce the lifespan of your batteries. If you've invested in a set of high quality batteries for your vaporizer, provide them with the best charger. You'll experience excellent usage times and a long battery life - some users can go for months or years without having to replace their batteries.

Atmos RX home chargers are tested before sale to ensure that their output and voltage are perfectly aligned with the needs of the intended battery type. This means that each and every time you charge your vaporizer pen or mod's batteries, you can expect the same long-lasting quality. Atmos products are manufactured with quality, durability, and longevity in mind - once you get one of these high end chargers, you'll realize that you never want to go back to using low quality chargers. Never again will you have to sit around and wait to vape on your favorite e-liquid or wonder if there's something wrong with your batteries. Odds are your batteries are just fine and the problem lies with your charger - so before you go out and replace perfectly good batteries, get a high end Atmos RX home charger.

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    Wall Charger Review for my Atmos Raw

    Having the wall adapter included with my Atmos Raw was a great idea because it allows me to have the option to plug my battery into the wall.I tend to use the wall adapter more than the USB charger.

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