Atmos RX Replacement Spring


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The Atmos RX replacement spring is produced in Florida USA solely for the purpose of replacing the original Atmos RX Vaporizer spring. The Atmos RX Spring is part of the chamber connector: it plays an essential function to ensure awesome dry herb vaping quality with the Atmos RX Vaporizer.


Product Description

The chief purpose of the spring is to apply level pressure to the dry herb blend within the ceramic heating chamber to guarantee for uniform heating. Having said that, why would anyone want to replace the spring? If you use the Atmos RX Vaporizer mainly for the purpose for vaping liquid or wax form of herbs, the spring is very little of your concern. However if you use the Atmos RX Vape pen for dry herbs, you will need to replace the spring every now and then for several reasons:

  • The ceramic heating coil heats up to such a high temperature. After extended periods of usage of the Atmos RX Vaporizer, the heat will make the spring less elastic and become much less effective in leveling the dry herbs for heating. 
  • You packed too much dry herb into the heating chamber and disfigured the spring from functioning properly and your herb are no longer heated evenly in the heating chamber
  • Too much herb created a combustion inside the heating chamber and caused the spring to lose its elasticity over time
  • The herb is not grind finely enough and the crumbles have disfigured the spring in the packing process
  • The herb is not heating up evenly inside the chamber after using the Atmos RX for extended amount of time or even not heated enough to create vapor at all
  • Or you simply misplaced it

So in order to keep the Atmos RX vape pen running efficiently and heating up your dry herb efficiently, it is recommended to replace the spring every now and then depending on your usage frequency.  The Atmos RX replacement spring package includes: Two replacement springs

The package includes two springs and is compatible specifically with the Atmos RX Vaporizer. Please note that these springs are manufactured solely for Atmos RX Vaporizers. Do not attempt to use this spring in any way other than its intended purpose. If you are unsure how to change the replacement spring or have questions about the parts assembly, please refer this YouTube Atmos RX Vaporizer tutorial video: To guarantee your dry herb vaping quality, please make sure to clean the Atmos RX Vaporizer on regularly after use. Please remember that it is especially important to clean every time after each dabbing session with the Atmos RX Vaporizer. This is because once the wax solidifies, the leftover residue will adhere to the equipment, making it tough to clean and causing an unwanted burning smell in your next vaping session. Moreover, the unwanted tar is the main cause of lung discomfort. By taking care of your Atmos RX Vaporizer, you will not only have better effects but also lesser health problems in the future.

To extend the life of your Atmos RX Vaporizer spring, please grind up your dry herb as finely as possible. The fine granule is much less likely to spoil the spring than bigger clumps of dry herbs. Once properly packed, try removing the spring from the attachment before re-screwing the vaporizer and starting the heating process. Without being heated constantly, the spring will last much longer. Please also note that drastic temperature change will also affect your Atmos RX Vaporizer battery life. Please store the pen in a setting no hotter than 104F as the heat will start to make the internal battery fluid evaporate and you will end up with an inefficient battery that dies quickly.

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