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The Atmos RX rubber mouthpiece has been manufactured specifically for use with the Atmos RX and the Atmos Raw style of vaporizers. The product is made entirely out of rubber, and it's a must have for your device - you won't get much vaping done without it!


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This product is available in a wide range of colors to match your unit and personal style preference. Odds are you'll want to select the color that matches your unit, but there's nothing preventing you from having a little fun and getting a different color.

It's a great idea to have a few spare Atmos RX rubber mouthpieces in your collection of vaping equipment. This is the portion of your vaporizer that likely gets the most use, as you'll be using it to puff away on a very regular basis. That means that it's more likely to become damaged or simply experience a lot of normal wear and tear. After a while, a mouthpiece that's seen a lot of use can have unsightly bite marks on it (even if you don't chew on it), or it may become loose around the bottom where it attaches to your vaping device. This can cause leaks around the tip of your vaporizer pen. Furthermore, an improperly sealed mouthpiece can allow e-liquid to pool within it, and that means that whenever you vape off of it, you'll get liquid in your mouth - and as any vaporizer fan knows, this is highly unpleasant.

Another great reason to have spare rubber mouthpieces around is for those inevitable moments when your friends want to try the latest e-liquid you purchased. You know they're going to ask, so be prepared and have a handful of extra rubber mouthpieces around - a good place to keep them is in your vaporizer's traveling case. This means that whenever one of your friends wants to take a puff off of your pen vaporizer or mod, you don't have to share the same mouthpiece or drip tip. This is an unfortunately very common practice within the vaping community, but it's highly unsanitary. It's also very easily avoided just by having a number of rubber mouthpieces around for these common occasions. And here's a great tip: buy multiple colors of mouthpiece, so that you can easily determine which one is yours and which ones are your friend's. 

If you've been using a hard metal or plastic mouthpiece or drip tip and something just doesn't feel quite right, it's possible that the solution to this discomfort is with an Atmos RX rubber mouthpiece. If you vape regularly - as most of us do - constantly placing a hard mouthpiece into your mouth might irritate your teeth, gums, or lips. A rubber mouthpiece is far more comfortable and is likely to put an end to your discomfort.

The affordability of these rubber mouthpieces is also a major benefit. They're downright cheap. Have you ever had to take your more expensive metal or plastic mouthpieces and try to wash them out after a week or two of use? It's often a pretty gross experience - you're not the only vape fan to experience a buildup of what's professionally known as "mouth goo". Cleaning this off is time consuming and more than a little gross. However, rubber mouthpieces are so affordable that you can simple toss the old one once it becomes too used, damaged, or otherwise malfunctioning, and put on a new one. That's not to say that these Atmos rubber mouthpieces don't have a long lifespan - when used regularly, you can expect to get quite a bit of use out of them.

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    Atmos Raw Mouthpiece Review

    I've owned my atmos raw since March and I use it every day. The best feature is that all of the components are replaceable. I already placed my pre-order since I know I'll eventually need a spare mouthpiece. It is extremely easy to clean, once a week is what I recommend to keep it fresh.

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