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If you've been using a stationary or wall charger for your vaporizer pen, it's time that you explore the convenience and reliability of Atmos RX's line of USB chargers. These chargers are just as reliable as other kinds of chargers, and you'll be able to get your batteries fully up and running anywhere that you can find a USB port.


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This means that whenever you're on the go with your vaporizer, you'll be able to plug it into a universal car charger, your laptop or desktop computer, or a USB hub. Talk about convenience!

Atmos USB chargers are available in a variety of styles. Be sure to select the one that matches up with your unit and your usage scenario. For example, if your vaporizer pen has a micro USB port, you'll want to get a charger that has a micro USB to USB connection. If you'd like to charge more than one vaporizer pen or other device at the same time, you can't beat the convenience of Atmos' multi-USB charger. This unit has dual USB ports so that you can charge more than one device at a time, and a number of different connection ports for all of your potential charging stations.

Sick of cords getting tangled up? It's a great idea then to pick up one of Atmos' cordless USB chargers. This kind of charger is available for both Atmos or Stratus units, as well as 510 vaporizer pens. These handy little devices are very small - they feature a USB plug and a port for your battery. That means that there's no cord between the charger and your battery, so you'll free up a lot of space. Of course, if you have a type B mini USB port for your vaporizer pen, you can also pick up one of these here, made by Atmos.

Did you know that not all vaporizer batteries and chargers are made the same? Assuming you've purchased a high end set of batteries for your vaporizer pen or mod, you'll never get the full reliability and use out of those great batteries without an equally high quality charger. The sad reality is that low-end chargers just don't cut it - you'll likely find yourself recharging your batteries far more often than is necessary. If you've ever had to wonder why your supposedly high quality batteries just aren't lasting as long as you were told, there's a great chance that the culprit here is your charger. The charger can act as something of a bottleneck if it isn't fit to match the quality of your batteries - in fact, some low quality chargers will actually reduce the overall lifespan of your batteries.

Avoid these and other problems with a high quality Atmos RX USB charger. Available in all shapes and sizes to perfectly match your vaporizer pen or mod, these chargers have been extensively tested before going out for sale. This means that the voltage and output is completely correct and is ensured to match the requirements of your device. These USB chargers aren't just going to promote long battery life and give your unit the charge it needs to keep you vaping all day - they're going to survive the wear and tear of daily use. Next to your vaporizer itself, there's a good chance that your charger is going to see the most regular use out of all of your vaping equipment, so it needs to be durable, perhaps even downright rugged. That's the kind of quality and reliability you'll find with these Atmos USB chargers - they're intended to be used while you're on the go.

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    USB Charger is crucial

    The Atmos Raw USB Charger is extremely convenient for charging my battery. I have the option to charge it from a standard USB port or I can add the wall adapter and plug it in.However, part of being small is that it is easy to lose, I dropped my atmos off to let my friend borrow it and of course he returned it to me without the USB charger. Needless to say, I made him pay for my new one.

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    doesn't work

    This charger doesn't fit my vape pen..been using the latest model with the replaceable cartridges..guess I'm stuck now

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