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Atmos Vaporizers

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Atmos Vapes

Atmos RX offers a wide selection of vaporizers and e-Rigs to give you greater flexibility in how you choose to enjoy your vaping sessions. The company offers superior product reliability with in-house engineering and quality control designed to provide the most effective and reliable products. The company is a recognized global leader and consistently sets the bar for vaping products that are reliable, durable and safe to use when proper safety protocols are followed.

The company has a variety of vaporizers that are designed to meet the needs of everyone from the entry-level vaping enthusiast to the advanced vaper who makes their own mods. You'll find vaporizers that work with dry herbs, essential oils and concentrates. They also offer multi-purpose vaporizers so you can use one unit for multiple purposes. The company also offers mods, attachments and accessories to enhance and develop your vaping skills.

Atmos RX Pen

When you want an effective vaporizer that offers outstanding continuous use and works with dried aromatherapy, the Atmos RX Vaporizer is an ideal choice. The unit heats up to 400F and only takes a few moments to heat up. The unit is perfectly portable, and it's designed for people who like to enjoy a quick vaping session on the spot. The unit is stylish, and it's manufactured to get outstanding results. It's also available in a variety of colors to meet your needs.

The Atmos RX vaporizer is ideal for people who want some control over what their vaporizer looks like. You'll be able to choose from a variety of color options to personalize your vaporizer. The unit is small, which makes it easy to carry with you anywhere. It's comparable in size to a premium fountain pen. Measuring only five inches high and a half-inch in diameter, this unit is designed to make it easy to carry. The product offers an outstanding ceramic heating element for an even temperature throughout the session. 

Atmos Temperature Control Vaporizers

Atmos knows how important it is to design a product that heats up quickly and is easy to use. The Atmos RX vaporizer is able to heat up to 375F in less than 20 seconds. The full operating temperature is designed to reach 400F, and you can control the temperature by changing the draw rate and aromatherapy placement. The unit only takes two hours to fully charge, and it can provide you with up to 72 hours of continuous use. The battery uses lithium ion technology for a proven and tested system that offers good safety, longevity and reliability.

When it comes to purity of your vaping session, the filtration system matters. You'll enjoy a two-part filtration system to help protect against any particles obstructing your experience. First-stage filtration is achieved by using a medical-grade stainless steel mesh filter that is easy to clean and replace. Second-stage filtration is achieved through the use of a ceramic filter. This helps to make the entire vaping session smoother by filtering the air a second time and cooling the vapor slightly to provide a smoother experience.

Atmos Replacement Batteries and Accessories

Choosing the right battery for your vaporizer is important, and you can select a battery based on the type of unit you own. Batteries for a variety of Atmos vaporizers are available, including the Atmos Junior, Nail and RX vaporizer. You can also purchase oil adapters and chargers that are designed for both home and mobile use. Replacement parts are easy to order and find, and you'll be able to find heating chambers, mouthpieces, chamber connectors and traveling cases specifically designed for units like the Atmos RX vaporizer.