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Atom Vapes Replacement Coils

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Atom Vapes Replacement Coils

Atom Vapes Replacement Coils are made by one of the most popular names in the vaping industry. A fun-loving company that is totally immersed in vaping culture, Atom Vapes uses a progressive approach to develop their line of vaporizers and coils which includes a healthy respect for the feedback offered by the vaping community. The brand has a strong track record of innovation and offering coils that are durable and precise.

The company takes its name from the atom, the smallest known unit for chemical elements and isotopes. The beginning of everything, the genesis. This reflects the company philosophy of Atom Vapes. They are highly invested in breaking down what creates a great vape to its most rudimentary aspects and then perfecting each stage of the design process. You can think of Atom Vapes as scientists, and many members of their professional team are exactly that. When it comes to coils, a pristine understanding of how they work and how to make them better is invaluable. Each member of the Atom Vapes team possesses drive, ambition, and an abiding interest in vaping culture. These qualities produce some of the highest-quality coils on the market.

gClapton Gold Plated OVC Coils by Atom Vapes

An example of this are the gClapton Gold Plated OVC Coils for SubTanks by Atom Vapes. OVC stands for Organic Vertical Clapton, and these gold-plated coils represent the pinnacle of coil technology. With a reliable voltage flow and 100% organic cotton wicking, the vertical design of these coils makes them superior for Sub Tanks and producing huge competition-level clouds. The flavor delivered by these coils is unsurpassed and the design reduces burning.

Coils in a Sub Tank must be replaced regularly. On average, Atom Vapes Replacement Coils will last approximately three to four weeks depending on how heavy you vape. These coils have a reputation for durability and are engineered to give you the maximum lifespan. No other part of your set-up is as important as the coils, especially when it comes to Sub Ohm vaping.

Superior Coils by Atom Vapes

Sub Tanks are used in vaporizers that fire at resistances of less than one ohm. You're probably familiar with something known as cloud chasing, the affinity for producing vast clouds of vapor. This is just one effect of Sub Ohming. Sub Tanks are also known for intense hits that deliver amazing flavor. All of this is made possible by the coils which are used in the vaporizer. Coils in a Sub Tank spread heat over a larger surface area and distribute it evenly to accomplish the overall experience Sub Ohm vaping is known for. It is very important that you purchase replacement coils from a trusted brand such as Atom Vapes to avoid the possibility of receiving an inferior piece of equipment. Inferior coils in a Sub Tank can limit the functionality of a vaporizer and might even pose safety risks.

Atom Vapes makes a wide variety of coils that are compatible with a large number of tanks. Most are available in convenient and economic packs that allow you to keep extra coils on hand. Before they are released to the market, coils from Atom Vapes are put through a rigorous quality control process that includes testing and actual live simulation. You never have to worry about consistency within a single pack. All the coils you receive will perform at an optimum level.

While you are shopping at for Atom Vapes Replacement Coils, be sure to check out our entire line of premium tanks, mods, vape pens, and replacement parts. We can also help you decide which coils are right for your tank via our convenient live chat system or email.