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Variety of Atomizers

Atomizers are one of the core components of a vaporizer. They come in various shapes and sizes and styles, but the one thing they have is common is their importance to your vape. If it becomes necessary to purchase a new unit or upgrade an existing one, has many of these available from all of the top brands. This includes our own branded variety as well as the ever-popular RDA. 

In the very early days of vaporizers, most models were made from three pieces in the style of the vape pen that is still used today. In addition to an atomizer, these vaporizers include a tank or cartridge that holds e-liquid and a battery to give the vape pen power. Technology has improved, of course, and with it came the evolution of the vaporizer. Every type of vaporizer includes a way to turn the e-liquid into vapor, and that is what an atomizer does. Some vaporizers also make use of a clearomizer or cartomizer which is a component between the e-liquid and the atomizer.

These parts work by virtue of coils that receive power from the vaporizer's battery and generate heat. The heat warms the e-liquid and turns it into vapor. Many units use a method known as "dripping" in which e-liquid is dripped onto the coils. The coils or wire in these units can often be replaced, making it possible to refurbish them as needed. This type of component is called the Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer or RDA, and using one is currently one of the most popular ways to vape. 

Examples in the RDA category available at include the Stillare RDA Rebuildable Atomizer by Infinite. This RDA is made from stainless steel with gold-plated posts and dual adjustable air holes. It is 510 threaded which makes it compatible with a large number of popular mods. Another example is the IGO W Rebuildable Atomizer. This RDA is made of stainless steel and has two air holes in the cap. It also comes with a bag of spare parts that are often needed including o-rings, wire, a screw, and wick.

GV Basic H2 Atomizer by Got Vape & More

For something a little bit simpler, the GV Basic H2 Atomizer is branded by Got Vape and is technically a rebuildable clearomizer of the variety often seen on vape pens. It holds up to 1.5 ml of e-liquid and comes in three different colors. Also 510 threaded, this clearomizer is compatible with a wide variety of units including the GV Basic, Trippy Stix, and Exxus V2. 

High Quality RBA Tank Atomizers

The trick to purchasing atomizers is to buy from brands and vendors you can trust. The popularity of vaping has led to a proliferation of inferior generic parts in the marketplace. Buying one of these can lead to a disappointing vape, something that can discourage beginners and frustrate experienced vapers. It is important that these components be constructed from the highest-quality materials and offer durability as well as precision in the way they generate and deliver heat. No heat, no vapor. Insufficient heat and poor distribution result in less vapor, reduced flavor, and a weak hit. All of those things will render a vaporizer useless.

While you are shopping at for atomizers that suit your individual needs, be sure to check out our entire line of products. We have premium tanks, mods, vape pens, and one of the largest assortments of e-liquids found in any vape shop. If you have any questions regarding which part is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service staff via chat or email and someone will be happy to assist you.