Baie Cream by The Lost Fog Collection E-Liquid


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Perpare to lose yourself in vaping nirvana bliss when you try this exciting new flavor, Baie Crème. Today's top hybrid fusion chefs inspired this delicious blend. First, the mixers create a custom blend of sweet whipped honey cream. Then they spike the cream with tasty passion fruit, a unique flavor that excites the senses. Finally, they add tart exotic berries. With these exciting flavors mixed together, the result is simply fantastic. 


Product Description

The flavors are blended together and exclusively mixed in a high vegetable glycerin base. The vegetable glycerin base produces only the softest and silkiest vaping clouds. It makes this unique e-juice, Baie Crème, a premium, high quality vapor.

Cosmic Fog Vapors is a vaping company founded in sunny Orange County, California. Their mission is simple: to create only the finest vapors in the world. They believe that each new flavor should be an exciting experience for the vaper. They spend a long time researching and crafting each blend, relying on dedicated research and culinary expertise throughout the entire process. The average time spent creating each new flavor is seven to ten months. They spend this length of time to ensure each blend is perfect. Once the new flavor has been developed, the mixers and founders use the flavor non-stop weeks. They do so to ensure the blend will stay exciting and delicious for vapers. Their goal is to create exceptional vapors that can be used all day long without getting old and boring. Baie Crème was developed with this process of ensuring that each blend comes out just right.

Baie Crème was developed in the Cosmic Fog Lab. The IS08 Lab required nearly a year of planning and is where Baie Crème is meticulously mixed and bottled. Each bottle of Baie Crème goes through a painstaking process to ensure the highest level of cleanliness. It is mixed, bottled, labeled and wrapped in the company's cleanroom. In addition, each bottle of Baie Crème is filtered five times to ensure the highest quality of cleanliness and flavor.

Baie Crème was created as part of the exclusive Lost Fog Collection of e-liquids. This collection contains two other delicious flavors, Neon Crème and Streek. The collection was created to give vapers high quality vaping bliss. Each flavor is unique and meant to titillate the tongue. The Lost Fog Collection keeps vaping exciting.

Try Baie Crème today, and your tongue will thank you. Look for other flavors in the Lost Fog Collection by Cosmic Fog Vapors, and be on the look out for the exciting new flavors currently being crafted in the Cosmic Fog Vapors Lab.

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