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Bam Bam’s Cannoli E-Liquid

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Bam Bam's Cannoli E-Juice

Bam Bam's Cannoli E-Liquid is prepared to make you an offer you can't refuse with their line of designer e-juice blends. This brand takes the goodness of a cannoli and combines it with other flavor profiles that include classic breakfast cereals and chocolate sandwich cookies. The result is something quite unlike any other e-juice on the market today.

The brand has three flavors to choose from. The first of these is Original by Bam Bam's Cannoli E-Liquid. This e-juice begins with the taste of a cannoli with tart key lime filling. Next, the iconic flavor of a classic fruity breakfast cereal is added to the mix in order to provide sweetness. Finally, there is the subtlest hint of whipped cream on top to tie everything together.

Cookies and Cream by Bam Bam's Cannoli E-Liquid delivers the warm goodness of a cannoli mixed with notes of the chocolate sandwich cookies everyone loves. Whipped cream is added in such a way that this e-liquid is reminiscent of an ice cream treat. This flavor is highly authentic and improves upon the standard cookies and cream e-liquids on the market.

Captain Cannoli by Bam Bam's Cannoli E-Liquid might just be the best flavor of all. Imagine a vanilla crème filled cannoli that has been wrapped in an iconic sweet and crunchy breakfast cereal and you'll have an idea of how perfect this blend is. As sweet as the flavor notes are, they do not become tired or bitter and deliver perfection on every pull.

All varieties of Bam Bam's Cannoli E-Liquid come in a generous 90ml bottle and are available in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6 mg. The consistency of these e-juices make them a perfect choice for your sub tank. The flavors have a nice vapor volume and the flavor is bold with a pleasing aroma. Some flavors just lend themselves to warmth, and the taste of a cannoli is one of those. This brand has managed to capture this Italian pastry in all its glory.

Captain Cannoli and Cookies and Cream

A great thing about this e-liquid brand is that all the varieties are perfect for vaping all day. They taste as great on the last pull of the day as they do on the first. Each pull offers a satisfying hit that is smooth and balanced. It is a difficult task to mix e-liquids in such a way that all the flavors preserve their distinction, but Bam Bam's succeeds with flying colors.

This brand develops its e-liquids according to a strict process. The first step is to research and come up with flavor notes that complement the cannoli taste. Many months can be spent by the mixologists employed by the brand in the perfection of a single recipe. Once the blend is just right, it is time for the brand to find the very best raw materials available from a network of the best suppliers in the industry.

After the flavors are mixed, a thorough steeping process begins. This steeping is carried out in clean rooms that meet all industry standard certifications for safety and quality. The steeping process is so effective that these e-liquids require no additional steeping once you receive them. Just add them to your sub tank and vape.

While you are shopping for a bottle of Bam Bam's Cannoli E-Liquid, be sure to check out all of the designer e-juices we offer. We have hundreds of varieties from the most popular brands in the industry. You can also find a new tank, mod, or accessories for your current rig. If you have a question about this e-liquid brand or any of the items in our inventory, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you.