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Banger Hangers

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Shopping for Banger Hangers

With the ever rising popularity of concentrate and oil inhalation, so too the popularity of the rigs used to vaporize them has grown. Heady glass, dab rigs, and glass pipes, they all hold a particular place within the vaping community. Then came the introduction of devices coined banger hangers. These products are unique among their counterparts because they are typically considered a combination of multiple types of products in addition to the qualities that mark them for a banger hanger. They are powerful, unique, and allow users to customize their sessions in order to yield premium vapor and flavor payoff.

At a foundational level, banger hangers are dab or oil rigs. This means they have a nail head that is heated and ultimately serves as the location where the initial moments of vaporization occur. However, at a structural level, banger hangers are also water pipes. This is because each one follows the same basic blueprint for how it is organized. They can then be embellished and have extra features added from that base level. The main scheme is a mouthpiece, a portion of chamber that holds water, a portion of chamber that is vacant that fills with vapor during a draw, a stem, and a bowl with a nail head in this circumstance.

Where banger hangers parts ways with other units is the style of the stem, nail, and joint arrangement. Users began to have a more concentrated interest in utilizing domeless nails. When this happened, banger hangers saw their first moments of integration. Banger hangers are intended for use with domeless nails. The "banger" is the nail and usually has a male port. They are also typically designed to be at a 45° or 90° angle in relation to the rest of the device. The "hanger" portion of the setup is a female joint, meaning it fits down into the "banger". 

You will of course want to consider how you intend to use the product as well. If you plan to use it frequently, you may want to only consider pieces that have a thicker glass and fewer embellishments so that parts don't get broken. If it is going to a statement piece for you, the filigree and extra design qualities may be top priority to you. No matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find it through the website. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team of professionals.

Banger Hanger Style Options

As previously mentioned, banger hangers fall under multiple vaporizing umbrellas. In addition to being sub-categorized as glass pipes and dab rigs, they can also be heady glass or scientific glass in design. Heady glass pieces feature tell tale vibrancy, deep hues, unique design qualities, and are sometimes one of a kind pieces. Scientific glass units are usually clear, concise, streamline, and provide a systematic appearance.

Banger hangers can also have recycler systems, bubblers, percolators, and any other number of added features. While these components can be found in other pieces, the domeless nail is unique to banger hanger products.

How to Choose the Right Rig

Because has an expansive listing of banger hangers, it can be difficult to choose the right setup for yourself. A good place to start is to only consider the devices that appeal to your own aesthetic nuances. Whether you intend this to be your main piece for use or whether you intend it to serve a more sedentary function, you want to like the way the device looks.