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Barcode E-Liquid

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Experience Barcode E-Juice

001 is a Premium E-Juice by Barcode E-Liquid. 001 is the first E-Juice that uses all the natural fruit flavors of fresh watermelon, juicy strawberry and a sweet mystery flavor. The natural blend of strawberry and watermelon with a slight pink tint immediately hits your taste buds with a savory sweet blast of deliciousness. You might expect it to be overly sweet, but it’s not. The perfect mixture of natural ingredients gives 001 a simple clean fruity taste perfect to vape all day.

Fresh Flavor in Aluminum Packaging

Bottled in a unique aluminum bottle 001 one looks as good as it tastes. The aluminum bottle keeps the flavor fresh and tasteful. Barcode ages over a month to insure perfection. Protecting the flavor with a longer aging period.

Small tightly controlled batches, properly aged and nothing but all natural flavor ingredients extracted from organically grown family farms is where 001 by Barcode E-Liquid rises above. A lot of flavors start good but become tiresome. You might find this to be the exception, good for an all-day vape.

Premium Quality Sweet E-Liquid

Nicotine levels are available in 0mg, 3mg, 5mg and 10mg. Regardless of your vaping experience, there’s a level for you. If you use a sub-ohm you’ll probably go no higher than the 5mg. If you need a higher nicotine level, the 10mg should keep you happy.

Barcode Premium E-juice is a response to the demand for better quality and finer flavors. The designation “premium” is not arbitrary: it’s an earned title.