Bedrock by Ice Cream Donuts E-Liquid

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Bedrock by Ice Cream Donuts E-Liquid is a delicious blend of sweet treats that combine to taste like a bowl of ice cream. There are several flavor notes that are present in the liquid, most that offer an intense sweetness that coats the tongue in a way that makes you think that you have just consumed a glass of milk or enjoyed an ice cream cone.


Product Description

The liquid comes in a 30ml or 15ml bottle depending on how much you want. There is a yellow tint to the liquid that looks almost like the color of an ice cream cone. There is a large donut with pink frosting and sprinkles sitting on top of a scoop of ice cream on a cone as well. This gives a hint about the flavors that you will find when tasting and smelling. As soon as you open the bottle, you will notice a sweetness that smells like a bakery. It's almost like a cupcake factory has exploded in the bottle with pastries and other treats.

When you taste the liquid, you can detect a freshly baked donut. It's one that seems to have just came from the oven. The donut is fluffy and has a warm glaze on the top. Bedrock by Ice Cream Donuts E-Liquid also has notes of vanilla ice cream that has been melted on top of the donut. It's more like a homemade ice cream with fresh vanilla beans instead of one that has an artificial flavor. There is almost a creamy whipped texture that you can determine when vaping.

Another fun note is a fruit cereal that has been crushed on top of the ice cream. This flavor tastes like Fruity Pebbles. You can almost see the colorful cereal as it sits on top of the ice cream. All of these flavors combine to give a delicious experience in the form of vaping. The blend in such a way that you don't want to stop the taste that comes together. It is sweet, which can be bothersome for those who don't want as many of the sweet notes. However, once you taste all of the components, then you realize that they do go together in a way that only this kind of liquid can achieve. Bedrock by Ice Cream Donuts E-Liquid offers a flavor that is fun and creative instead of the boring one-note flavors of fruits and other ingredients.

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