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Bird Brains by Cuttwood E-Liquid is one of the latest flavors that has been released in the way of liquids. It is a blend of notes that are sweet and fruity. The liquid comes in a 16.5ml bottle and features bright circles on the front. Some have compared the liquid to fruit loops cereal or Fruity Pebbles because of the variety of flavors and the sweetness. You can also detect a hint of milk as an underlying note. It's a flavor that can be enjoyed any day of the week since the notes are of a sweet variety instead of overwhelming. 


Product Description

When you open the bottle of Bird Brains by Cuttwood E-Liquid, you are immediately reminded of a box of the fruit cereal once it's opened. There are hints of citrus in the form of lemons and limes along with other fruit notes of blueberry and cherry. You can also gather a few notes of orange that are added as a finishing touch. This is one of the liquids that has more of the true notes of what is described instead of being portrayed as one flavor and really being something else entirely. 

From the moment you begin vaping, you are drawn to the delectable joy of a cereal bowl. The milk is a flavor that isn't quite present right away. It does take a few moments of vaping in order to get the grasp of the milk. Once it hits, it seems to coat the tongue. This takes away from some of the fruit notes, mellowing out the sweetness that you usually find with the cereal. There are quite a few cereal flavors that are on the market, but this is one that blends all of the notes together in a way that's desirable. It's a flavor that almost anyone can enjoy and turn into a daily vape. Some might think that the fruit flavors aren't as intense as the cereal is, but they are present. When you vape, you want to keep the tank at a lower temperature so that you can enjoy the flavor notes. If it's on a higher temperature, then you lose the sweetness. There is almost a wheat taste to the liquid once it's been vaped for some time, so Bird Brains by Cuttwood E-Liquid might be one that you want to vape throughout the day instead of for longer periods of time so that you can savor the joy.

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    Just right

    Don't let the name fool you lol its actually really good, tastes like fruit loops and its sweet but not the sugary sweet hooked!

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