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The Black Zebra Marble Hot Box Vaporizer is made of tile and stone in a patented design. It is a box-shaped vaporizer with an artistic black and white marble pattern. The heating element is made of ceramic nichrome. It heats up quickly and easily and can sustain a consistent heat. This vaporizer is intended to be used with a glass vapor whip or wand. It can also be used as a diffuser. This is a tabletop vaporizer that is meant to be used on a hard level surface.


Product Description

To use the unit, plug the power cord into an outlet. The switch to power the device on is located on the cord. Switch this on. A light will indicate when the vaporizer is heated. It should take about 15 minutes to reach the proper temperature. This unit can be used with an extension cord, but that may increase the time it takes to heat up. For the best vapor, grind the dry herbs you plan to use or finely cut them. You can also add a few drops of water to the dry herbs to make them vaporize better.

Place the herbs into the glass vapor wand, and pack them down gently until they touch the screen. The wand should not be more than one-third full. If the wand is too full, it could cause the herbs to burn. To use the vaporizer, touch the wand to the glass heating element, and breathe in through the tube. If you draw on the vapor slowly, it will be hotter than if you inhale quickly. You should inhale at the proper pace based on how heated you want the herbs to be. Mixing the herbs between draws will heat them more evenly. Two to six draws are contained in one fill of the wand.

This unit can also be used as an aromatherapy diffuser. Turn the vaporizer on, and allow it to heat up. Then attach the aromatherapy container to the device over the heating element. Place the aromatherapy materials into the chamber, but don't fill it more than one-third full. It is best to clean this chamber between uses. Replacing the aromatherapy materials frequently will make for a better experience.

The Black Zebra Marble Hot Box Vaporizer has a warranty of 1 year that covers normal use. This unit comes with a user manual. Replacement screens for the wand, glass vapor whips and additional glass chambers are available separately.

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