Blue Raspberry by Ring Dropz E-Liquid

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If you have ever had a blue raspberry Ring Pop, then you will know what Blue Raspberry by Ring Dropz E-Liquid tastes like. This is a liquid that has the flavors of the blue raspberry as well as the sweetness that you would find with a hard candy all wrapped into one. A benefit of the liquid is that it's not overly sweet. It's somewhat like a fresh blueberry that has just been picked and sprinkled with sugar. 


Product Description

When you look at the bottle, you can see a picture of the candy, similar to the wrapper that it comes in when you get it at the store. The liquid is clear, not giving any hints as to what the flavors are inside the bottle. You can get the bottle in various sizes with the most popular being 30ml. There are also various nicotine levels to choose from so that you can get the amount that you need to last during the day. 

One of the things about Blue Raspberry by Ring Dropz E-Liquid is that it's a flavor that you can vape all day instead of taking a break since it doesn't have the intense sweet or sour notes. As you open the bottle, you can detect the blue raspberry notes that are present. Once you warm the liquid, it's like putting the blue candy in your mouth. The flavor of the liquid gives an exciting taste that will leave you wanting more. You can also smell the blue raspberry on exhalation. 

Blue Raspberry by Ring Dropz E-Liquid is a flavor that has the subtle notes that some have compared to a blueberry cereal, except without the high amounts of sugar. When you vape the liquid, you'll want to grab a piece of the candy as it's one that is enticing and addictive. The flavor is one that has such a strong blueberry hint that you might forget that you are vaping. The company has offered a delicious product that is aromatic while flavorful at the same time. It tingles the taste buds in a way that is pleasing. If you heat the liquid, it can be hard to taste the juice that is present, which is why it's better to warm it at the lower temperatures.

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