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Blue’s Lemonade by Salty Man E-Liquid is an easy, balanced nicotine salt e-liquid. In the initial moments of a draw, the flavor has a tangy note that perfectly matches a cold glass of lemonade. As the inhalation continues, the flavor is realized into a sweet, blue raspberry candy. The two play off of each other to create a mouthwatering flavor. Amazingly smooth and vapor packed, this nicotine salt e-liquid works at its maximum potential when it is used with a non-sub ohm, low wattage mod. 


Product Description

Blue’s Lemonade by Salty Man E-Liquid will have vapers sitting back and loving every part of this unique, flavorful e-liquid. The tart essence of lemonade is pleasant and striking. Then, once the sweet component from the blue raspberry starts to come through in a draw, the entirety of the combination creates a delicious flavor experience. The vapor that is inherent in this e-liquid becomes apparent once exhaled. It is always massive and gratifying. 

Blue’s Lemonade provides a variety of nicotine strengths to users. 0mg for those that merely want the flavor and vapor, 3mg for those that fall mid-range, and 6mg for those that prefer a more concentrated amount of nicotine consumption. By providing several options, users will be able to find their perfect niche. Blue's Raspberry also has a VG/PG ratio of 60/40. The sweet and slightly sour flavor is curated into the PG base while the vapor is packed into the VG.

Blue’s Lemonade by Salty Man E-Liquid gives a silky smooth vaping experience. This is largely attributed to its status as a nicotine salt e-liquid. That fact also means that Blue's Lemonade should be used with a pod or cartridge, low wattage device. This variety of e-liquid comes in a 100mL bottle with a dropper style lid. Refills are a breeze when done using the applicator and the large package size ensures that users will have access to Blue's Lemonade for several sessions. 

7 Pound Up Cake by Salty Man E-Liquid is another option that some vapers may want to try. It brings together the flavor of a lemon-lime soda and a traditional southern pound cake. The smooth vapor and amazingly delicious flavor make this product a welcome member of any collection. Because it is also a nicotine salt, it works best with non-sub ohm units.

An additional nostalgia inducing flavor is Chew by Salty Man E-Liquid. This flavor draws its core essences from strawberry bubblegum. It hits the mark so perfectly that vapers will feel like they've popped a gob of chewy candy in their mouth. Chew still has a 60/40 VG/PG formula and comes in a 100mL bottle. Users will find themselves reaching for this flavor again and again.

Salty Man E-Liquid, since opening their doors, has created some of the most unique, high performing nicotine salt e-liquids on the market. They provide users with large bottle sizes and seamlessly balanced flavor and vapor. They also engineered their e-liquids to have a broad spectrum of nicotine dilution in order to accommodate as many customers as possible. 

While you decide if Blue’s Lemonade is the right Salty Man E-Liquid flavor for you, browse through the other manufacturers and flavors that we stock at We also sell expansive lines of mods, tanks, batteries, and accessories. If you have a question about an e-liquid or product on the site, please call our customer service staff.

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