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Have you ever wondered what it's like to vape a blueberry donut? Donuts is an eliquid manufacturer who specializes in making juice out of these delightful pastries, and we've got to say - they're pretty darn good at it. They make a wide variety of donut-themed flavors, such as Pebbles and Donut and standard Donut. However, today we're looking at this manufacturer's Blueberry Donuts blend.


Product Description

Flavor Profile of Blueberry Donuts by Donuts Eliquid

Picture yourself. It's morning, you've got your cup of hot coffee, and you lean down to take a bite of your... well, nothing, because you're not eating a blueberry donut, you're vaping one. That's pretty close to how you'll feel if you decide to try Donuts' Blueberry Donuts eliquid flavor. You really can't get any closer to vaping a blueberry donut than this liquid, because it's very true to life - if your mom ever yelled at you for "inhaling" your food, now you can.

This eliquid features a blend of flavors which you'll notice immediately. First is the very rich flavor of, of course, blueberry. But to give it that real donut taste, you'll also notice a creme flavor, and just a hint of frosting. The flavor is very smooth without tasting "sticky" like some lesser pastry/dessert brands. This is easily one of the best donut flavors on the market - if you've tried Donuts brand eliquid before, you should definitely consider making this blueberry donut flavor your next experiment. This is a great morning vape and pairs nicely with coffee - just like a real donut would. Try it an enjoy the blueberry, creme, frosting, and warm pastry flavor.

You'll Like This Flavor If...

...You're a fan of sweet-but-not-tart dessert style flavors. Blueberry Donuts isn't overly sweet, but there's definitely a hint of that sugar boost that comes along with a real donut. You'll also probably enjoy this eliquid if you've had other creme flavors or flavors with a creme taste blended in - while most of what you'll be getting here is definitely distinctly blueberry, you'll have a good amount of that rich, decadent creme flavor as well. If you dig it, you'll probably love this eliquid. You may also enjoy this liquid if you direct-drip, as this will strengthen the flavor profile even more.

You Might Not Like This Flavor If...

...You don't like dessert type flavors. Blueberry Donuts is, without even a shadow of a doubt, a very dessert-like, pastry style flavor. If you prefer bolder flavors like tobacco or mint/menthol, this eliquid might be too much of a change in the totally opposite direction. However, the beauty of vaping is that you can branch out and try new things - and this eliquid is so good that even if you don't usually like pastry themed flavors it's still worth a try. You might find that after vaping on this eliquid you'll have changed your mind entirely, and start seeking out the other awesome flavors from the Donuts brand.

Final Thoughts

The manufacturer of this eliquid, Donuts, is headquartered in Southern California and has been in operation since 2015. They specialize in making eliquids like Blueberry Donuts - rich pastry flavors which leave you begging for more. This eliquid is available in a 30 milliliter bottle and nicotine concentrations of 0, 3, or 6 milligrams. Remember that nicotine can affect the flavor profile of a juice to some degree - if you're uncertain, you may wish to start out at 3 mg, which offers a great balance. If you feel like a blueberry donut that you can vape, this is the eliquid which can fulfill your fantasy.

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