Blueberry Flapjacks by Hotcakes E-Liquid

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Start your morning right with a hit of Blueberry Flapjacks by Hotcakes E-Liquid. The liquid is also good enough to enjoy during the rest of the day. It's one of the newest flavors offered by Hotcakes E-Liquid and comes in a 60ml bottle. As soon as you open the bottle, you are greeted with a stunning aroma of blueberry pancakes that you might enjoy for breakfast.


Product Description

This is a liquid that captures the essence of buttery goodness with a hint of vanilla cream.

When you add the Blueberry Flapjacks by Hotcakes E-Liquid to the tank, you can further detect the berry scents. The flavor is that of a buttermilk pancake with fresh blueberries on top. There are notes of whipped cream along with the pancakes. This is a decadent flavor that gently coats the tongue. It's best warmed at a lower temperature as the higher temperatures can give a mild burnt sensation. When you're vaping, it's almost like you're enjoying a breakfast at any time of the day as it's refreshing instead of overpowering. It's not a liquid that has a strong scent or flavor. The liquid is one that is gentle while it's smoked no matter what time it is, and you can easily capture the layers of flavor throughout the vaping experience.

One of the notes that you will notice is cream. This gives the liquid a soft flavor that blends well with the berries. There are also notes of powdered sugar, giving a slightly sweet taste that counteracts the buttermilk pancakes. This is one of the most complex and unique flavors that are offered by the manufacturer. It is one that has hit the social media scene and is being called for by many of those who vape on a regular basis.

When you inhale the liquid, you are greeted by the fluffy cakes that are topped with just the right amount of whipped cream and other ingredients that you would see on a plate. Only quality ingredients are used in the vaping liquid, making it one that is of a high quality. There are thick, fluffy clouds of smoke exuded from the tank once you smoke. Those around you will enjoy the scents of the blueberries as well since the flavors are easily detected in the vapor. The liquid is one that is smooth and that will satisfy the cravings that you have for smoking and getting a sweet treat at the same time.

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