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BLVD E-Liquid

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BLVD E-Juice

BLVD is a premium E-Juice designed by automobile enthusiasts who are also avid vapers and is designed with cloud chasers in mind. The line has a very professional-looking automotive theme featuring artwork reminiscent of the classic Route 66 era. Each BLVD E-juice is handsomely packaged in a Matte Black bottle with a twist-off lid and safety seal. (Note, however, that BLVD does NOT contain an eye-dropper for extracting the liquid.)

BLVD comes in four intriguing flavors, each named for a different style of classic automobile. The flavors currently available from BLVD are:

Fastback - An intensely tasty "Loopy Fruit Cereal" flavored E-juice packed with flavors reminiscent of our favorite childhood cereals.

Ratrod by BLVD E-Liquid - With a flavor like "Captain Cooter's Berry Crunchy Cereal," you have a pretty good idea of what to expect. You can almost taste the crunch!

SuperSport by BLVD E-Liquid - Super smooth is more like it! This "Strawberry Smoothie" E-juice will knock your socks off with its delicious milky-strawberry flavor and yogurt undertones.

The Caddy - The classic carnival favorite, "Pink Cotton Candy" is an awesome overload of sugary sweetness.

A Huge Selection of Mouthwatering E-Liquids

Each flavor has its own unique and iconic art that will send you back to an era of classic cars and roadside bars. Whether you're a fan of breakfast cereals, a new-age smoothie enthusiast, or simply love the taste of sweet spun sugar, there's something here you're guaranteed to love.

BLVD is available in three different nicotine levels (0mg, 3mg, and 6mg), making it perfect for all kinds of vapers, whether you're a former heavy smoker, light smoker, or new-school vape enthusiast.

Because BLVD is an such an excellent E-juice with a variety of options that can be tough to find in stores, buying online is the best way to get your hands on the delicious flavors that BLVD has to offer!