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The Boost ERig Black Edition by Dr. Dabber has all the appeal of a massive draw creating device, but is contained in a compact, streamlined unit. The Boost ERig Black is meant to be used strictly with essential oils and concentrates. The device boasts a 50% larger e-nail head than rigs that came before it. The kit comes with three e-nails and a glass water filtration system to keep every draw full and clean. This ERig packs a punch as powerful as a full sized piece, but never concedes its portable size.


Product Description

The Boost ERig Black Edition by Dr. Dabber is the second generation of Boost ERigs from the company. The matte black finish and high end carrying case give the piece a luxurious feel, but are just a few of its initial charms. The list of features built in to the device are extensive, but all work together to create a optimal dabbing experience. This ERig has a built in, rechargeable battery that is good for 30-40 uses before recharge is needed. The single button activation make sessions seamless as the products are heated to their ideal vaporization point to create an idyllic draw.

The device's simple torch-less design create the back bone of this user friendly rig. The integrity of every draw is maintained within the Boost ERig Black while still allowing users the freedom to customize their experience. The Kit includes three dome-less nails made of ceramic, titanium, and quartz. Pressing the power button three times brings the temperature to in ideal level for the titanium and ceramic nails. Five clicks will heat the unit to a slightly higher temperature that is best for the quartz nail. The internal heating unit to removable and replaceable and reaches 520°F in 40 seconds or 600°F in 60 seconds. Every draw is perfectly tempered with the expansive heating options.

Some users may be looking for a device that doesn't have an e-nail. The Aurora Vaporizer by Dr. Dabber is an award winning unit and coined the best vape pen on the market by Forbes and Men's Health. This product is exceptional in that is puts out dense vapor and without compromising rich, flavorful draws. Meant to be used exclusively with concentrates or essential oils, it has a rechargeable battery, magnetically assembling pieces, and a simplistic design quality. Beginners won't be overwhelmed by the devices self contained qualities while seasoned veterans will love its ability to create powerful draws.

Dr. Dabber started making their concentrate and essential oil vaporizing products several years ago. The company combined the efforts of developers and creative thinkers alike to create first-rate vaping products that allow full-bodied draws, clean tastes, and dense vapor payoffs. That goal was fully realized as Dr. Dabber is considered one of the main industry trail blazers in creating unique, durable, and completely functional devices.

The company is so confident in the performance of each of their devices that they offer a one year, no questions asked, warranty to their customers. This includes all components excluding any glass pieces. Users of Dr. Dabber products can rest easy knowing their device is a premier product.

As you examine the Boost ERig Black Edition by Dr. Dabber to decide if it's the piece for you, don't hesitate to look though's other manufacturers, products, e-liquids, and pieces. If you see something that you have a question about or have any general inquires, please contact our customer service team!

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